Recently, PlayStation owners have been reporting a malicious message that exploits a bug in the PS4 to cause their consoles to crash. Users said after having received the specific text string, they were forced to factory reset their consoles to use the system again. Some users claimed that deleting message through the PlayStation mobile app could fix the issue, but others said it didn’t always work. The best way to protect themselves was set their messages in private.

The PlayStation support account form the UK officially tweeted on Monday that the issue can be fixed in under 5 minutes.

The PlayStation UK also claimed that the exploit wasn’t bricking consoles, it “just sending them into a crash loop”. The affected users try the method -deleting the message through the mobile app - to restore their consoles. However, to completely stop, the players should follow these steps: “go to Safe Mode” then choose “Option 5” (that’s "Rebuild Database") to turn the consoles back to normal.

PS4 is one of the best selling consoles.

PS4 is now one of the best selling gaming systems in the world, with more than 86 million devices shipment all around the globe. For that reason, if an annoying bug like this happens, the consequences will affect so many players.

Sony hasn’t officially acknowledged the message bug, the only explanation is the tweet above of the PlayStation UK. We will continue updating the news about this issue. Meanwhile, even you have not been influenced, you should set your message to private. This would keep you safe if the bug returns.

Sony is not the only company that's had to wrestle with this type of bug recently though. Earlier this year, Apple was also forced to patch iOS after a bug emerged that crashed multiple messaging and email apps as you received a certain India character through them.

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