On last Tuesday, Sony announced the launching of the original PlayStation’s mini version – The Sony PlayStation Classic that comes packed with 20 most classic beloved games in PlayStation original library for $100. December 30 - the 24th anniversary of the PlayStation’s release will be the launching date of the PlayStation Classic. Sony is trying to follow the footsteps of its rival - Nintendo as throwback versions of Nintendo classic - NES and SNES classic were huge hits when they were released.

This mini version is 45 percent smaller compared to the original console in 1994 as stated by Sony. Only 5 out of 20 retro games were announced by Sony which are Wild Arms, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and last but not least Final Fantasy VII. According to Sony, PlayStation Classic’s users will be able to play these games in their original format and there will be more games to be announced before the launch of the PlayStation Classic.

The mini and original version of PlayStation Classic (left to right)

Even though this version is smaller than the original ones, it still has the same feel and looks of the original and the same controller as well but no rumble or analog sticks. More details as follows:

Introducing PlayStation Classic

The original PlayStation console was launched almost 25 years ago - in 1994. Sony stated that “the first home console in video game history to ship 100 million units worldwide, offering consumers a chance to play games with real-time 3D rendered graphics in their homes for the first time”.

There will be only a limited amount of PlayStation Classic to be released on December 3 in Japan, Australia, North America, New Zealand, and Europe. You can also pre-order it in the US at specific stores only. The Classic will come with two wired controllers, an HDMI cable and a USB cord for power but it does not have an AC adapter. Therefore, users will have to plug the system into a 5-volt, 1-amp USB port or get an AC adapter on their own.

More details about the Classic will be released more in the next months as said by Sony.

On the sidelines, Sega made an announcement that a mini version of the Mega Drive Mini console’s release date will be pushed back to 2019.