Sony takes a step back when making the latest changes in its policy

On this day, Sony’s ending up making cross-play available in Fortnite. In the last few months, cross-play, as well as the advancement in playing Fortnite between PS4 and Xbox One or Nintendo Switch has been blocked by Sony, the PS4 maker. This made many fans of Fortnite get angry since they weren’t able to access progress and skins, not to mention purchasing on an Xbox One or Nintendo Switch in case they’d already played on a PS4 one.


In the meantime, another game developer, Epic, has claimed that their company’s now trying to find the way for those players who could do nothing but signing up a new account to deal with the old limitations of cross-playing. They promise to provide a solution to this problem in the near future.

Although Nintendo and Microsoft all positively agreed with cross-play in Fortnite, Rocket League and Minecraft on PS4 with Xbox One, the PS4 maker had still blocked it at the earlier time. The two big shots themselves formed their partnership to enable cross-play in Minecraft despite the unusual move.

According to the PS chief – Kodera, any change in policy is considered as “major”. At present, Sony’s trying hard with the aim of providing the best support in cross-play in Fortnite. Sony’s beta, whose purpose is to check out its cross-play support, is available from now on. It’s claimed that they’re soon attempting to open up the cross-play platform. This step might show a sign of giving more cross-play support to players who use PS4. Or else, it will be a breakthrough for those people using PC, PS4 or Xbox, which allows them to all play together in the gaming world.