Speedrunner Hugo One did a stream on Twitch trying to beat Grand Theft Auto San Andreas earlier this March. However, there was a little twist: his viewers can use cheat codes to mess with him at any time. As you may guess, it was a hilarious speedrun packed with a lot of wild moments.

GTA San Andreas, just like any other GTA game, has cheat codes to spice up the gameplay. Such codes can provide players with weapons, vehicles, different appearances and even making cars fly or pedestrians riot.

Throughout the run, Hugo One’s viewers constantly tried to stop him with the codes. It was a hard run but Hugo One managed to surpass every challenge he encountered. There was a moment when a viewer activated a code to blow up all the cars, even the ones that were supposed to be in a cutscene. This cheat was so perfect and devastating that Hugo One had to load a recent save and started over. He got the chance to jokingly mocked his fans for “blowing it” at the end.

GTA San Andreas Cheat codes
"Cheat activated" - something spooky is coming real soon.

A later time in the run, while chasing a firetruck, a fan perfectly blocked Hugo One with a tank. It was such a popular way to interrupt the run as people also blocked him with a large semi-truck and a trailer.

GTA San Andreas - Cheat codes
Someone activated a cheat code while Hugo One was having a haircut in-game.

For the cheats to work, viewers needed “duckets” – the channel’ exclusive currency that came from watching the stream or donating to the channel. In summary, viewers used more than 2000 cheats and over 10 million duckets in the run to stop Huge One. Cheats come in different prices and levels: powerful ones like the suicide code would cost 100,000 duckets.

GTA San Andreas - Cheat codes
"GOODBYECRUELWORLD" - One fan activated a suicide code!

The stream was a fun experience that you could find Hugo mostly laughing throughout the game. However, not everyone was a jerk. Some viewers used codes to assist Hugo, giving him weapons or decent vehicles to advance.

Eventually, in the last mission, Hugo One had to disable some cheats to progress after hours of struggling since many people were making it impossible. The whole GTA speedrunning stream was a very interesting experience and filled with moments of victory and defeat.