Bandai Namco just surprisingly announced that Super Robot Wars V and Super Robot Wars X are coming to Switch and PC (Steam). This is a historical event as the fans of the franchise have never had a chance to play their favorite RPG on computers.

Super Robot Wars
PC and Switch owners will have a chance to experience Super Robot Wars V and Super Robot Wars X really soon!

Super Robot Wars V is the first main game that got an English version included in its release for the Asian market in 2017. Super Robot Wars X followed with the same pattern shortly after, in 2018. Both of the aforementioned games are accessible via PS Vita and PS4.

Super Robot Wars V 2
Both games came out with an English version.

The last main title, Super Robot Wars T, came out in March 2019 for Nintendo Switch and PS4 with an English adaptation. The game just got a new expansion pack for additional main characters, mecha from Super Robot Wars V and Super Robot Wars X as well as playable quests. A brand-new hard mode and mechanics were also added in a recent update.

Super Robot Wars T
Super Robot Wars T - The best-selling game in the franchise.

On an official radio show of Super Robot Wars couples of months ago, Takanobu Terada, the producer of the franchise, said that Super Robot Wars T is generating a huge profit for the company. The game is now the best-selling title in the franchise, according to its overseas sale figure. Looks like we could expect to see Super Robot Wars T make its way to Steam in the near future.

Super Robot Wars X
More details are about to be published.

In addition, Famitsu magazine, where we will learn more about these two upcoming titles, only mentions Super Robot Wars V's version for Switch and Steam. That probably means that we will have our hands on Super Robot Wars first, and then Super Robot Wars X will be available later.

More information is yet to come! Stay tuned and we will keep you updated!