Nearly a year ago, indie developer Screwtape Studios brought their arcade platformer game Damsel to Steam. The studio recently revealed that they are working on other versions of the game for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, which will expectedly come out later this August.

Damsel hit the Steam Store on October 19, 2018.

Damsel is set in a dark cartoon-inspired world where humans and vampires co-exist in an unstable alliance. In this world, there is a powerful vampire company called Red Mist. By producing the best drink for vampires all over the world, the company satisfies the thirst of vampires without using human blood.

Discover the secrets behind the favorite drink of vampires!

Players will have control over the game's protagonist, Damsel, as she discovers the evil plan of this company to use human blood in their secret vampire drink for the highest bidder. It's up to you to unveil the mysteries of their new recipe and prevent Red Mist from achieving vampires' complete dominance on Earth!

The game has a cartoon-style graphics

The game looks like a neat combination of platformer and comic books' visuals and storytelling, featuring a rich combat system. With impressive abilities and an ultraviolet shotgun, you can freely dash through different environments, devastate bloodthirsty vampires with powerful attacks, rescue hostages, or even perform servers hacking.

Comic storytelling style

Of course, you can slowly experience the game at will. But Damsel is undoubtedly most enjoyable and satisfying when you can do perfect combos. And they all require good skills at maintaining the speed and accuracy, along with quick reflexes. Stay focused and you might be able to be at a high place in the competitive leaderboard of Damsel.

All in all, Damsel could remind players of the old-school 2D shooting titles such as Commander Keen or Mega Man, but with many improvements on both gameplay and graphics.

The game is now 15% off to celebrate the launch on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Head to the Xbox Store or Nintendo eShop right now to make your pre-order. And don't forget to mark your calendar on August 7, this platformer deserves an instant treat when it comes out.