Must Dash Amigos is a new quirky racing game from the indie developer miniBeastGames studio. The game allows you to enjoy the crazy races with your friend while enjoying the classic Spanish culture.

Let's see the funny racing chaos in this trailer below:

Must Dash Amigos is the result when Mario Kart meets Guacamelee

Must Dash Amigos is the debut title of miniBeastGames studio. But from the trailer, it seems the developer has nothing to fear as its game is very unique!

Basically, Must Dash Amigos is a racing game that brings the same vibes of Mario Kart and Crash Racing Team. However, the developer decided to mix thing up a little bit. It provides us the classic racing experiences with top-down perspective in this game! Overall, it brings me nostalgic feelings of Guacamelee.

Must Dash Amigos Sprinting Its Way To Steam Now Wi
Enjoy your races from a top-down angle

Put that aside, let's talk about the special features of the game. Must Dash Amigos is an absolute chaotic racing game with the Mexican theme. The characters in this game look very funny, with some dudes wearing the festival sombreros and even the masked wrestlers. You can expect this Mexican competition to be out of the roof!

Must Dash Amigos Sprinting Its Way To Steam Now Wi
The Amigos in the game looks very funny

Just like other great racing titles, racers will have to overcome a lot of obstacles to get to the finish line. They vary from dangerous avocadoes and the deadly tentacles of Kraken, and the most dangerous ones - your foes. The Mexican puns in Must Dash Amigos are also all over the place. For example, you might achieve the Invincibull mount or Gwack-a-Mole Mallet, throwing all of your friends out of the race!

Must Dash Amigos Sprinting Its Way To Steam Now Wi
May I summon my Invicibull!

There are other unusual weapons as well, but we recommend figuring it out for yourself. Collecting random loot on the road and try to bring them down has never been boring!

The game features a total of 12 distinctive racetracks. Each racetrack will have its own obstacles, and all of them are very vibrant and funny. Overall, it's definitely a must-try if you're looking for tricky racing experiences.

Must Dash Amigos Sprinting Its Way To Steam Now Wi
There are total 12 racetracks in Must Dash Amigos

Featuring 4 play modes

And what's a fun race without your friends? Must Dash Amigos support up to four players, and you can have competitive fun with a total of 4 play modes. The normal Race Mode is where you compete with your friends through hazardous environments. Three remaining modes are the Battle Mode, Tourney Mode, and Challenge Mode.

The Battle Mode throws you in a closed battle arena with some funny triggers. In there, you'll find ways to hit your foes to gain as many points as possible. When you're hit three times, you're temporarily knocked out of the battles. When the time runs out, the Amigo with the most point wins the game.

Must Dash Amigos Sprinting Its Way To Steam Now Wi
Combat with your Amigos in a closed arena

The Tourney Mode is a fascinating journey tournament, where you have to face a series of random events. Furthermore, it consists of 18 different Tournaments to choose from in total, which will give you the utter glory of the best Amigo!

Must Dash Amigos Sprinting Its Way To Steam Now Wi
Overcome a series of events in Tourney Mode

Unlike the previous modes, Challenge Mode is the solo experience. You'll still play in the same racetracks, but with much more difficult challenges. They include Double Trouble - where you have to control two characters with only one controller, Danger Dodger - basically playing Temple Run, and Master Catcher - chasing down the stupidly fast Mystical Piñata before the time run out.

Must Dash Amigos Sprinting Its Way To Steam Now Wi
Playing Temple Run in Must Dash Amigos

All of these play modes will give you a great refresh after a couple of long races!

When the game comes out?

At this moment of writing, Must Dash Amigos is already out on Steam now with a 10% promotion. The price of the game is only - which is more than a pay to play this fascinating game.

Must Dash Amigos Sprinting Its Way To Steam Now Wi
It's available on Steam now with a slight discount!

The game also supports Xbox One on August 7 and Switch somewhere in Q4 2019.

Although playing split-screen on PC is not bad, maybe I'll wait for the console's release to enjoy racing on the large screen.