It's a true pain to pay nearly $100 for the highly anticipated game Red Dead Redemption 2, just to get the whole bunch of error messages and a lot of rages. So why would you waste your time while you can get into the intriguing puzzles with the atmospheric soundtrack on the background of Supesu 2?

Supesu 2 is the second installment of the mind-blowing puzzle series from the developer Growfall Games. And you don't have to worry about missing the first one since each game in this series is meant to be good on their own. But if you insisted to try the first one, it's now free on Steam, and you can try them as long as you want.

Here's the trailer of Supesu 2, which you can dive in to see what is the puzzle concept of this game:

Overview on Supesu 2

Supesu 2 is a soothing dimensional puzzle game, in which you don't have to care much about actions, plots or anything else that distract you from your puzzle-solving. The concept of Supesu 2 remains quite similar to the first title - focusing on the galactic environment and atmospheric soundtrack while asking players to solve 25 different levels with simple mechanics.

In this game, your objective is to free the ball that's trapped from the blocks and send the ball back to its home. It's very simple by words, but when you get into the game, you'll feel how hard this is. To be more specific, the balls interact differently with certain kinds of blocks, and there are plenty of blocks surrounding it, so you'll have to try many times to find the best path.

Supesu 2 Is A Mind Blowing Puzzle Game With Atmosp
Moves blocks to open up space for the ball to land on

So, in order to have a thorough look on each level, the game allows you to spin the camera angle to your wanted viewpoint. Furthermore, you can zoom in and out to find out the details on how each block function, and choose the right path. The levels will increase in difficulty, which adds more types of blocks that behaves differently.

Fortunately, your time spending in this game is not going to be boring, as the atmospheric and calming soundtrack helps a lot. It does not only boost your concentration but also very enjoyable at the same time, leaving no stress or upset behind when you decided to rest.

Supesu 2 Is A Mind Blowing Puzzle Game With Atmosp
Higher levels will have more blocks with different behaviors

It's relaxing, but not easy

Supesu 2 follows the approach of hardcore games in the past, where it gives no instruction on how it works. Players will have to find the interaction of the blocks and the balls by themselves.

Furthermore, it lacks the thrill from stories and actions, so some players might not be into this game. Last but not least, the wordless menu is also quite annoying to deal with as well, as you'll have to make some trials to find the options for volume or resolution.

Supesu 2 Is A Mind Blowing Puzzle Game With Atmosp
The game's wordless, which is both atmospheric and confusing at the same time

But leaving those things aside, Supesu 2 is definitely a good game to rest on after a stressful working day. It has gorgeous visuals powered by Unreal Engine, with backdrops created with beautiful landscapes of vivid planets, spaceships, and sparkling stars. Additionally, the atmospheric music and surprisingly interesting gameplay mechanics can hold you on your chairs for several hours just moving blocks.

Supesu 2 Is A Mind Blowing Puzzle Game With Atmosp
Supesu 2 has very beautiful graphics with Unreal Engine

If you love the game after our preview, you can head to Steam and grab it right now at only $2.99. In order to celebrate this launch, the developer Growfall Games has turned the first installment - Supesu to free-to-play, so you can further enjoy the satisfying experience of this series!

Supesu 2 Is A Mind Blowing Puzzle Game With Atmosp
Supesu 2 is $2.99, and Supesu is now free!