Do you know what a Tanuki does when the sun sets? They'll throw yourself into their most dangerous challenge ever: stylishly skateboard on human's roads! So, if you've never seen a raccoon skateboarding in real life, you are welcomed to Tanuki Sunset!

It's a small game from an indie developer, but Tanuki Sunset is much more beautiful than you've expected. You can see the beauty of the final sunlight of the day through the eye of the raccoon through the trailer below:

About Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset's concept is quite simple, just controlling the Tanuki ( the Japanese raccoon) and being as stylish as you can with your longboard. To be more specific, under this beautiful sunset glow, you'll control the Tanuki in the third-person perspective, and will have to gain the most points that you can.

Tanuki Sunset Free To Play Pc 2
Follow the Tanuki on its daring trip downhill!

Then how can you get more points? The Tanuki is more skillful than you've thought, as he/she can pull off some insane drift and even a brave jump over the scariest raccoon shredder - Cars. The game rewards you for drift and air time that you can perform. Furthermore, the tighter you avoid cars and other obstacles, the more points you'll get.

Tanuki Sunset Free To Play Pc 1
Raccoon hates cars - that's the fact that will never change

And as you're showing off your four-legs drifting prowess, you'll need to stay alive. The longer you stay on your board, the quicker you'll fill up the Bonus Roulette meter, which is about points, again.

Tanuki Sunset Free To Play Pc 3
Once you've filled the meter, the Tanuki will perform a cool spin!

The developer Squid Squad aims to make this game for everyone, especially ones that adore raccoons and skateboarding at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? Jump on the board now and have the most aesthetic trip downhills now!

Out now for PC

Tanuki Sunset is now available for PC via You can get Tanuki Sunset for every amount of money that you want, as the developer allows you to name your own price on

Tanuki Sunset Free To Play Pc 4
Tanuki Sunset is now available on

Even better, as you can play it either with your keyboard or Xbox 360 controller. The gameplay is already quite straightforward, so you won't need to remap the buttons either.

And if you like the experience in this game, don't forget to come back and show some supports for Squid Squad. Supports in both materials or mental are welcomed!