To cheer you up

Time passes, things change. Even what were once especially important could fade into the past, only the reality remains. Sometimes, what's forgotten might help one's life brighter and more enjoyable. SkateBIRD just got an alpha release on Kickstarter. It's a normal skate game but with birds.

SkateBIRD alpha release is now available on Kickstarter.

The little bird

In this small house, there is a little bird living with his owner, who gave up his skateboard for quite a while. His life seems to get more grey and depressing month after month. With the great love for his owner, the little bird decides to do the little cute things: getting on a tiny fingerboard and skating through a playground constructed by household items, just to enlighten his Big Friend's life. An excellent grinding rail is made of pencils balanced on large erasers, ramps and half-pipes are built by duct-taped cardboard, and the playground's area is skillfully designed with furniture.

The playground is made of household items.

Pretty fun to try

You will find SkateBIRD incredibly adorable while also being a beautifully in-depth skateboarding title. The game features many difficult score challenges, but don't worry, all you have to do is trying your best while enjoying the game. The Big Friend should be smiling because his little bird wants to see his happy, and that's what all this is about. Announcement of SkateBIRD was made at PAX East a few months ago, but not all players had a chance to try this game until now when its updated alpha comes out as a part of the Kickstarter release.

The game has amazing soundtracks.

Will be finalized in the future

Of course, the game has yet to be complete, bug-free, but this is not the final version. In fact, it looks overwhelmingly appealing, and its theme song could make its own way to the Soundtrack of the Year section. The alpha offers only one playground to explore, where players have a selection of 3 birds hanging out with requests. Due to the alpha restrictions, players' experience is limited to point-runs, but the final version seems to feature many more skating rails and other side quests. Every level is designed with its own environmental storytelling, so players could notice or ignore it if they want.

SkateBIRD does a kick-starter (Official Trailer)

More will come

According to a statement in the Kickstarter, a level from the game could take place in an office because the Big Friend got a confidence boost and managed to get a promotion. The bedroom playground could be unlocked if you got a new Big Friend! In addition, the more you skate at the playground, the more birds will join you, or even hosting events. There is always a way out of a depressing life, and SkateBIRD is designed to prove that. Little bird will do everything he can in his adorable little playground to make his Big Friend's life better. The game will tell you that the meaningful little things friends do to each other can result in great impacts.

What can a little bird do to make his Big Friend happy?

You can access the alpha of SkateBIRD using a link placed on top of Kickstarter campaign page right now. Let give it a try and see if you can help a tiny bird make his big human find joys in life.