Recently there has been information that Tencent’s new game Ring of Elysium contains malwares that steal data from players. The developer of popular Battle Royale title PUBG has spoken up against this.

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The first accusation comes from a steam review on September 29. The poster of this review claims that the game corrupted their operating system and personal account on their computer. Following this, another review says that the game contains a keylogger. This is a serious accusation, as using keylogger is a violation of several international laws. There have also been people saying that Ring of Elysium uses player’s CPU to mine crypto currencies.

On October 5, Tencent released a patch note which said that it had removed 2 files from the game. The developer claims that these files were purely for the purpose of memory usage optimization. They are definitely not malwares or viruses of any kind.

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Against the tide of accusations and questions from concerned players, Tencent has also made an announcement on its Ring of Elysium Facebook Fanpage. In this announcement, Tencent assures players that Ring of Elysium “would never illegally spy on user privacy.” “Your privacy is respected and protected at all times”, says the announcement. Tencent claims its Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement follow all laws, regulations, and security standards in the gaming industry. It urges players to stay away from false information from unofficial sources to avoid misdirection and deception. Furthermore, Tencent also warns that spreading unconfirmed information with the deliberate purpose of undermining the company’s image is an illegal action. These malicious rumor spreaders, as Tencent calls them, could face legal repercussion.

Despite the allegations, the majority of reviews that Ring of Elysium has received on Steam were positive. Many people enjoy the game and support Tencent’s claim that the game does not contain any malware.