We at Gurugamer are pretty big fans of developer 10tons and its excellent dual-stick shooters. Among the studio’s plethora of offerings, our favorite has to be Tesla vs Lovecraft. It’s an absolutely bizarre, over-the-top game in which Nikola Tesla has to fend off the horrendous monstrosities of H.P. Lovecraft who’s jealous of his scientific prowess.

Tesla Vs Lovecraft Shooting
Tesla vs Lovecraft was a super fun and bizarre twin-stick shooter from 10tons

Yes, the idea is totally ridiculous, but it makes for a good reason to run around blasting creepy yet well-designed enemies with some of the most impressive arsenals of weapons ever seen in this type of game. Now, imagine Tesla vs Lovecraft, but with procedurally-generated level and you also have the chance to play as Lovecraft as well as Marie Curie and Mary Shelley. That is what awaits you in Tesla Force, 10tons’ next product that is currently under development. Check out its trailer below:

Tesla Force is set in the same universe as Tesla vs Lovecraft, but as mentioned, it features an infinite number of randomly generated levels, allowing you to plan your own course to progress. Of course, all of the super inventive weapons and gadgets of the first game will make a return here, and you’ll also get tons of different perks to customize your character.

Tesla Force
All of the super inventive weapons and gadgets of the first game will make a return here

At the moment, Tesla Force is only planned for PC (its Steam page is already open if you want to check out some additional screenshots and info), but 10tons has said that it’ll reveal more details about other platforms later. The game is expected to launch on Steam in February 2020, so we’ll probably hear more about it in the coming months. Here is hoping that it’ll hit mobile eventually.