The name “Tetris” seems to be no strange to the childhood memories of many people. The images of many colorful pieces with various kinds of shapes falling to the field have always been one of the most iconic in the world of video games.

Back in November last year when the game was initially released, Tetris Effect was exclusive on PlayStation 4 only. However, now players can finally enjoy the video game on their PCs. For those who for long have been waiting for the PC version of the iconic title with a twist, Tetris Effect, the excitement for the puzzle game is nowhere far. 

The classic title Tetris was named after a phenomenon in real life in which the brains of players are so engaged that the iconic pictures of the falling Tetrimino blocks stuck in their minds. Tetris Effect will magnify the magical feelings of fascination by taking you to the fascinating, 3D world of Tetrimino pieces falling down the matrix. The version for PC offers uncapped framerate, 4K resolution, and more new choices for visual and graphic compared to the PS4 edition.

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Awards for Tetris Effect

Get In The Zone

“The Zone” is a mechanic in which players can freeze both time and the falling of Tetriminos pieces. Entering the Zone, players can either manage to pull off the tricky situation that might have ended up “Game Over,” or earn some rewards by clearing more lines.

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Tetris Effect

Level Up

Players will be offered more than thirty different stages. Each of them has its distinctive sound effects, music as well as background and the graphical style that will all change after you successfully pass one.

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Tetris Effect

Play Your Way

Some of the favorite modes of the fan such as Ultra, Marathon, and Sprint, along with more brand new modes, will be unveiled soon before the release of the game.

Tetris Effect is the next Epic Games Store’s exclusive game that will be released on July 23rd.

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Tetris Effect