Epic Games Store seems to have a serious tempter towards The Witness since it's offering the game for free.

The Witness is an adventure puzzle game by Jonathan Blow, who created Braid. This is actually quite a tasty freebie for sure, especially when we consider the almost entirely glowing critical reception of the game a few years ago when it was first released.

The game takes place where you wake up without anyone by your side. You find yourself on a completely strange island. During your exploration, you subsequently come across lots of puzzles – about 500-ish, no less.

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The beautiful but also mysterious island of The Witness

Since there are a few pretty frustrating puzzles, not everyone actually enjoys this kind of game. Furthermore, one may find the solutions a little bit obtuse. However, to those who have a huge interest in this genre of game, or perhaps you just simply have a yearning for the old days of the famous Myst, it will be an absolutely great game to try. Moreover, if you somehow missed out when the game was released in 2016, you seriously owe it to yourself to get the game now.

Last minute area

The good news is that instead of paying $13.99 (Rs. 975) for The Witness, you can get it for free on Epic Games Store. This offer only lasts until the 18th of April, so don't hesitate.

Epic has been making itself known more and more lately, all thanks to this recently new online store. A part of that comes from giving away freebies of big-name games such as The Witness (and incidentally, the following one will be Transistor), and also by securing the exclusives as well as taking games such as Metro Exodus from Steam.

One of the puzzles in the game

The latter actions, naturally, have resulted in Epic being less popular; however, according to our information, it is not likely that there will be any kind of let up, especially regarding nabbing PC exclusives (which has Borderlands 3 as the latest).