The light has always been a very crucial part of human's civilization. And it even gets more important in the apocalypse world of The Light Keeps Us Safe!

After nearly ten months of staying in Early Access to gather feedbacks, The Light Keeps Us Safe finally received its 1.0 version. This version includes a lot of patches to fix the existing problems, and it's under 15% sale now on Steam.

Before getting in the concept of the game, here's the trailer for this release:

Go into "The Light"

"The Light" in this game is not the general noun, but the name of your final objective. To be more specific, The Light Keeps Us Safe takes the settings of a post-apocalypse world, where the world is now drowned in darkness.

The Light Keeps Us Safe Got Out Of Its Early Acces
The world now is now full of darkness

The sky has lost its light, and the resources will run out very soon. Without food and power, you can't stay alive in this hell hiding from those eerie alien things anymore.

The Light Keeps Us Safe Got Out Of Its Early Acces
Stay away from the alien-machine creatures

Hence, you don't have a second choice rather than going outside. With a little luck, you can follow the others to go into The Light...

Special gameplay features

The Light Keeps Us Safe is a horror-survival game, in which you'll see this grim world from the first-person perspective. This world is now taken over by the alien-machine creatures, and you'll have to stay out of their sight using your stealthy skills to locate and employ the power of "Light".

Lucky for you, most of those creatures are scared of light, so you can make use of locations with flickering light to avoid and defeat them. Fearing the dark in real-life is already a very terrifying experience, and this game will boost it to another level.

The Light Keeps Us Safe Got Out Of Its Early Acces
Weird as it sounds, but you may want to escape from the light of those creatures

Furthermore, as you progress, you can find materials to upgrade your flashlight and get to hidden places. At those areas, you'll find more resources for you to live on, and of course, hordes of enemies as well!

Last but not least, you'll have to solve challenging puzzles to get over a bunch of traps. They vary from many types, including the poisonous, the tripwire, the booby-traps, and the hallucinations.

The Light Keeps Us Safe Got Out Of Its Early Acces
This game includes puzzle-solving as well

With the mixture of intriguing gameplay and procedurally-generated environment, this game will satisfy your survival thirst!

What's in this 1.0 version?

Apart from the 15% discount, the 1.0 version of The Light Keeps Us Safe includes a lot of fixes and tweaks. First of all, the developer has recognized the audio glitches, so they immediate patched it in this version. Alongside with that, there are some gameplay changes, including the difficulty and the world.

In details, the developer and publisher Big Robot has made some change to the procedurally-generated world, which makes it more challenging than before. But don't worry too much, since the initial zone still remains intact.

The Light Keeps Us Safe Got Out Of Its Early Acces
It's going to be a little bit harder than before

And to make this game more accessible, this version allows players to change the difficulty level even when continuing a new game. To be more specific, players now can choose the difficulty both when starting the game or from loading up their progress from the savepoint. This means if you're feeling too challenging, you can save it, exit, and booting up again with lower difficulty settings.

The Light Keeps Us Safe Got Out Of Its Early Acces
You can tune the difficulty level down if you can't get through certain areas

The Light Keeps Us Safe is available now on Steam at the price of $16.99. However, this sale will end on September 13, which means you only have merely 35 hours left to purchase it with the discounted price. Thus, you'd better be quick!