The Long Stretch is the #9 mission in GTA 5 with Franklin being the protagonist. In order to unlock this mission, you will need to finish the #4 mission, Father/son, first.

The mission objectives of The Long Stretch in GTA 5:

  • Go to the Ammu-Nation gun shop.
  •  Purchase a Pump Shotgun that has a flashlight modded into it.
  • Get to the meeting at a warehouse in the recycling plant.
  • Successfully escape from that place.
  • Successfully escape from the junkyard.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Head back to Franklin's house.

The requirements to get the Gold Medal for the GTA 5 The Long Stretch Mission:

  • Accuracy: Complete the mission with 60% shooting accuracy rate or more.
  • Headshots: Takedown 10 enemies with a headshot
  • Unmarked: Complete the mission without taking too much damage to health and armor.
  • Time: Complete the mission within the 10:30 duration.

Part 1: Buying Guns And Driving

gta v stretch
Goes to Ammu-Nation to buy a Pump Shotgun

In GTA 5 mission 9, The Long Stretch, after the initial cutscene, you will control Franklin and get him into the vehicle to drive to Ammu-Nation, a gun shop. After that, go in the shop and buy the Shotgun with the Suppressor and some Body Armor (if you have spare money). If you have done shopping, it's time to leave the store and go to the meeting point at the recycling plant.

Part 2: Escaping The Building

stretch gta 5
If you want to finish fast, skip all the cutscenes

When you get to the meeting point, go into the building and up the stair. You will get to see a short cutscene before heading into a small gun battle with some gangsters. Take cover and kill all of them. Try to aim for their head to fulfill the requirement and kill them faster.

gta 5 stretch
Try to take cover and aim for their head

Next, follow your buddy to get out of the building. Be careful, there will be enemies at every corner. When you have reached the staircase, slowly walk down. Stay alert as there will be a guy running up to try to shoot you. Try to kill him as fast as possible.

When you get to the first floor, hide behind the boxes if you see enemies and kill them. But don't take too long as the ballas will soon set the place on fire.

stretch gta v
Try to take down the helicopter to clear the area

Always go from covers to covers when getting out of the building as there will always be more enemies to come. After you get out of the building, you will see a helicopter. Try to take it down and follow your buddies to the rooftops.

Part 3: Lose the cop

gta v long stretch
Go into small alleys to avoid the cops

At the end of the road, climb the wall out of the place. You will then find a car driving on the road. Shoot at it and the driver will leave the car to you. Get in the car with your mates and try to get away from the cops. First, you need to move ahead of them and find an underground parking lot, or small alleys. Look at the see GPS to see where the cops are and avoid them. Remember to use Franklin's special skill to take sharp turns and you will be able to get into small alleys easily.

Finally, in order to finish GTA V The Long Stretch you need to take your buddies to Franklin's house.


- Using a Shotgun will allow you to land hit easier due to its spread.

- The Shogun also allows you to achieve headshots easier.

- If your armor is damaged too much already, you can lose all of your armor on purpose and still get the Unmarked medal.

- In order to finish the mission as fast as possible, skip all the cutscenes and use Franklin's special ability to lose the polices faster.