We all have seen how deadly the skills of John Wick by Keanu Reeves in the three movies about this retired assassin. The Baba Yaga looks to be not only a master in any kinds of weapons he gets his hands on but also a master of the martial artist himself. But that is not everything. We have also seen John Wick killed three people in John Wick 2 with a pencil, and he also killed a 2-meter tall Russian assassin with a book in John Wick 3. The Baba Yaga can turn any daily life objects into a deadly weapon. Although we still have to wait until John Wick Hex title or Cyberpunk 2077 release to truly feel the deadliness of Keanu Reeves, there have been many times daily life objects being used as weapons in the history of the gaming industry.

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A pencil as a deadly weapon is something only John Wick can do

We have gathered down here the most iconic and powerful weapons that are normal objects/animals in video games. No more waiting, let’s get to the list now

Yo-yo – The Earthbound/Mother Series

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The yo-yo in the Earthbound/Mother Series

Although no one in the history has ever used a real yo-yo as a weapon in reality (we have checked this information on the Museum of Yo-Yo History), yo-yos have been weaponized many times throughout the history of the gaming industry. But perhaps the most notable time yo-yos serve as an in-game weapon was in the Earthbound/Mother series, especially in the second part of the series. Ness – the 13-year-old main character of the game – has used a yo-yo in his quest to protect the earth from the invasion of the aliens. And in the third part of the game series, we saw Lucas facing the cyborg dinosaurs with a trustworthy yo-yo. Till now, yo-yos are certainly among the most dangerous weapons in video games.

Briefcase – Hitman 2

The famous Briefcase in Hitman 2

Perhaps briefcase in Hitman 2 is one of the most hilarious weapons that come from daily life in gaming history. The iconic feature of this briefcase is that it can follow the victims once thrown until it hits the target. This “bug” has been removed in later patches of the game, but gamers all over the world have posted a lot of videos on the internet of that iconic briefcase homing to its victims. John Wick and Agent 47 have a lot of things in common, so maybe we will see the Baba Yaga killing someone with a briefcase in John Wick Chapter 4?

Cuccos – The Legend of Zelda Series

Cucco animal in The Legend of Zelda Series

This is an exception in this list. First of all, Cuccos is not an object, it is an animal, and it does look like a chicken. Second, Cuccos is not a weapon (and not food either), but if you are smart enough, you can turn this creature into a lethal “bomb”. The Cuccos will strike back if they are dealt enough damage, and the damage of every blow of this creature causes massive damage (so don’t attack this creature, they only look cute). If you take one from the village, take it to the battlefield, somehow trick the enemies into attacking the Cuccos, you can sit back and watch the real fun. Never underestimate this creature.

Folding Chair – Persona 4

The folding chair of Kanji Tatsumi in Persona 4

Chairs are usually known to be a relaxing object, but that is not what Kanji Tatsumi – a character of Persona 4 title – thinks. This character has a lot of cool powers, ever a persona in the game, yet he starts with a folding chair as his main weapon at the beginning of the game. And to be honest, smacking a shadow with a folding chair is really satisfying. That is why Kanji Tatsumi uses this very same folding chair as his main weapon in Persona 4 Arena - the fighting spin-off series of Persona 4.

A Pencil – Deltarune

The pencil-sword of Kris in Deltarune

In the title Deltarune, there is a pencil weapon, but the way it works is really much different from the pencil of John Wick. Deltarune is the sequel of the famous title Undertale by famous game designer Toby Fox. The main character in Deltarune is Kris, and he shows up the Dark World (a magical kingdom that has a connection to his school) most of the game. We can't say for sure whether the Dark World really exists, or just Kris who makes up everything in his imagination, but no matter what, this pencil of Kris is really cool. In the Dark World, this pencil turns into a powerful sword to fight against the Darkners. Yes, of course, you can finish this game without killing any enemies (just like Undertale), but then if you want some fun and aggression along the way of your journey, this sword deals deadly damage. And don’t worry, this sword will just be a harmless Halloween pencil in the real world.

Salt – The Yakuza Series

The saltshaker in the Yakura series

Character Kazuma Kiryu in the Yakuza game series can be compared to John Wick himself in the capability of using daily life as deadly weapons. Kazuma Kiryu can use bicycles, even bowling balls to kill people. But those things cannot be compared to a saltshaker in the hand of Kazuma Kiryu. Yes, a saltshaker is weaker and more boring than other things, of course. But this weapon is cheap, and it can make the enemies go blind for a short time. Because of its inexpensive price and its effect, saltshakers have become the favorite weapon of many gamers while playing the Dragon of Dojima.

Broom – The Assassin's Creed Series

The broom in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

No one wants to use a broom as a weapon unless you are left in a situation that you have no other better option than a broom. So you would not expect highly trained, highly equipped assassins in the Assassin’s Creed game series to use a broom. But then, in the title Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood on Xbox, there is an achievement called “Spring Cleaning”, and you can get this achievement by using a broom to kill a guard. This proved that gamers can turn anything in-game objects into weapons of all kinds, as long as you give them achievements.

CDs – The Dead Rising Series

Dead Rising Ign Cd Throwing
CDs throwing in Dead Rising series

You think that only guns can deal damage to zombie in a distance? The game series Dead Rising will make you think again. Throwing CD disks into zombies can cause some damage to them, and if you can have a headshot by CDs, you will be amazed by how much damage that headshot can make.