The John Wick saga is going to expand in a big way. We already knew that there would be the fourth installment of the action franchise, and a spin-off in series format, The Continental, as well as another with the female protagonist, Ballerina.

But now, it was announced that the franchise still has much more to tell us, which means that we get to see more of the breathtaking Keanu Reeves more time on screen. This is because there will be a John Wick 5.

On Thursday, August 6, Lionsgate reported in its regular call to shareholders that the main series will also have a fifth installment. This was how the news was made official and it was also communicated that it will be shot at the same time as the fourth film.

At the moment they are only in the process of writing the script, and it will take us a long time to see it. The fourth movie, as recalled by the CEO of Lionsgate, John Feltheimer, will have its premiere on May 27, 2022 as one of the highlights of the Memorial Day holiday in the United States. Chad Stahelski will direct it, so he will probably direct the fifth as well.

First Neo, then John Wick 5

Keanu Reeves won't have much free time in the lead-up to the fifth movie. Right now he is finishing up the filming of Matrix 4 in Berlin, which will hit the theaters a little before John Wick 4, on April 1, 2022, specifically. That year will be a goldmine for fans of the actor.

John Wick 5 Confirmed Filmed Same Time As john Wick 4

Once the filming of the new movie by Lana Wachowski is finished, he can get to work with the fourth and fifth installments of the John Wick franchise. This news was quite unexpected since John Wick has so far been only working on John Wick 4.

However, fans welcomed this news with open arms and are very eager to see what John Wick 5 has in store for them, even if it will take a while to arrive. What's potentially exciting is whether the fifth movie will see Charlize Theron fulfill her dream of a crossover between John Wick and Atomic Blonde.

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