The half-human half-vampire named Blade is set to reboot as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The winner of two Oscars for Best Actor (Moonlight, Green Book) Mahershala Ali will inherit the role that Wesley Snipes once played. Chances are high that the movie will dig deep into the Blade roster to add a lot of supporting characters, including Jason Statham.

All the reports indicate that Jason Statham will participate in the reboot as Van Helsing. Van Helsing is an instantly recognizable name in horror mythology. The character is a key part of Dracula lore who is generally depicted as an elderly vampire hunter.

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Many actors including Peter Cushing, Laurence Olivier, Anthony, Christopher Plummer, and Hugh Jackman have played the role on the big screen over the years. Will Jason Statham join them? Hopefully, they will confirm it soon.

Common Strategy by Marvel to Use Actors Like Jason Statham

The film studio knows that stars attract audiences, so it didn't mind using Vin Diesel or Bradley Cooper in fully CGI characters like Groot and Rocket. This is why casting Jason Statham as a luxury supporting player rather than a leading superhero should come as no surprise. Because if the fans really like them, they might even have their own spin-off movies.

Jason Statham Join Marvel As Blade Actor

According to the new info, which comes from the same sources that were correct that there would be a Justice League Dark program for HBO Max and that Netflix is ​​developing a sequel to Extraction, they assure that Jason Statham was interested in playing Daredevil.

But now that the actor is 53 years old, and the studio wants someone much younger to play Matt Murdock if Charlie Cox doesn't return. As such, they have raised the idea of ​​him joining Blade as Van Helsing, the grizzled veteran vampire hunter.

The original Blade trilogy was packed with action and martial arts scenes, and Jason Statham is definitely the kind of actor who fits in the franchise. Now you have to see if he is willing to play a supporting role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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