The months of confinement and lockdown have been hard for everyone. So many of us have decided to spend time enjoying our favorite series, some we had already seen from start to finish, while others finally get to leave our "to-watch" list for the first time. But out of all the shows that are out there, Game of Thrones continues to be the one we look for the most.

Although the vast majority have been watching these shows through "legal" channels, like the multiple streaming services that exist today, many others have used not-so-legitimate methods that have been with us for decades.

Among those who have chosen this second option, they have gone with one of the most beloved series by fans in recent years: Game of Thrones, which despite finishing its last year with some questionable final two seasons, continues to attract new viewers.

This has been confirmed by the report carried out by Parrot Analytics and published by Europa Press, in which a ranking has revealed the ten most pirated series worldwide during this period of lockdown. Yes, your torrenting can be tracked unless you have done all the necessary privacy measures.

Other than the drama and exciting action of the show, what else could the audience be interested in the Ice and Fire saga for?

Game of Thrones Most Pirated During Pandemic Lockdown

Regardless, the list is led by Game of Thrones, with Rick and Morty in second, the anime series My Hero Academia in third, and The Walking Dead and SpongeBob in fourth and fifth respectively.

The last places are occupied by The 100, closely followed by The Mandalorian, the first live-action series of Star Wars, along with the series The Flash and Agents of SHIELD. Finally, the Animated Series of Harley Quinn takes the last place.

Game of Thrones Most Pirated During Pandemic Lockdown

Which one of these shows do you enjoy the most or would like to watch? What was, or is your favorite show to watch during the pandemic lockdown?

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