The Season 4 has come to PUBG, bringing along with the visual update for Erangel. The update added new locations, buildings styles, more realistic scenery, and terrain, some new and changed areas.

Erangel 2 0 Header 2000x1080
The new Erangel looks more realistic and refined

All players were super excited about this visual update and many have been wondering if this new Erangel will be used in the upcoming Phase 3 and the PUBG Global Championship or not. Noticing this concern of players, PUBG has officially announced their answer on the official website. According to them, it seems that the map will not be used for competitive matches in Phase 3.

Pubg Esports Outline V11
Phase 3 of 2019 PUBG is coming, will PUBG use the new Erangel or not?

Apparently, the developer thought that they need to test the stability of the Visual Update further and get an in-depth review. They want to be careful before adding any map to the competitive scene and to make sure bugs, errors, and other glitches are reduced to minimal.

Secondly, the new Erangel hasn't been optimized for competitive yet so they will need to adjust it more to satisfy both the professional players and the fans.

Lastly, professionals players have been playing and training on the old Erangel map for a long time so they won't be able to perform their best in this new map. PUBG want them to have some time to adapt and get used to the new map first so they can understand it and give out a good performance at a high level.

If the new Erangel is stable enough, they will add it to the map pool

As for the Global Championship, they said that they will review the feedback from professional players and fans more before they decide to use the map. By the time of the Global Championship, if the map has been sufficiently tested for stability, they will consider adding it to the competitive map pool.