The second update patch for the season 4 of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for PC platform has officially gone live now. PUBG Corp. proved that it knows how to listen to its players by adding a lot of features that PUBG players asked for. The biggest addition in this update patch for PUBG title is the dynamic weather system.

Screenshot 2
Players have been waiting for the dynamic weather system for quite a while

Erangel is the original map of PUBG, and the dynamic weather system means that the weather in the game will be changed from time to time. Your match can start with a sunny sky, and it can end with flooding rain or thick mist everywhere.

Screenshot 3
There can be thunder storm in Erangel now

This dynamic weather system is not just for fun. Experienced PUBG players can certainly use this new system to gain advantages for themselves. For example, you can use the rain or hail storm to cover your gunfire and footsteps sound or use the mist as a temporary cover. Although there are rooms for skillful PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players to take advantage of the new weather system, hard-to-master features in the game like driving cars or running in the mud will stay the same, regardless of the weather changes.

Besides the new weather system, there are a lot of new features and costumes being added to this update patch. Another important update is that the destructible objects in the Erangel maps like barricades, pylons and roadblocks now can be destroyed. They still can cover you for some damages, but they will be broken if taken enough damage. So be sure to calculate the situation carefully before doing anything.