The 0.14.0 update has just arrived in PUBG Mobile a few days ago with the new Infection mode and many new features. In order to celebrate this update and the upcoming PUBG Mobile Open Club Fall Split, PUBG Mobile is bringing many events to the game for players to get free rewards, especially a chance to travel to the PMCO Fall Split Finals for free. They are the Global Treasure Hunt event and the Infection Labyrinth events. Each event will give you a set of missions for you to complete in different maps and in the new Infection mode.

Global Treasure Hunt

The Infection Labyrinth introduces players to a mission maze containing 4 areas with different opening and ending times. By completing missions while they are available, you will earn Curse points. You can use your Curse points to buy Mystery Draw Gem once with each completed mission. You will also receive rewards when you reach certain numbers of your accumulated Curse point.

Pubg Mobile New Event Infection Labyrinth Full Exp
Infection Labyrinth event. Completing missions in the Infection mode to get exclusive rewards

The first area of the Labyrinth has already opened and will last until August 24. The second area will open from August 25 to August 30. The third area will open from August 31 to September 5. The forth area will open from September 6 to September 11. There will be missions that you can only complete by playing as a Zombie or a Defender. They are indicated by the icon on each mission.

Pubg Mobile New Event Infection Labyrinth Full Exp
There are 4 areas with different opening and ending time

Hop into PUBG Mobile now and complete these missions quickly before they end.