In PUBG, Squad mode requires players to have good strategy and coordination in order to achieve victory. In order to do that, clear communication between members of the squad is a must. You might even get your teammate killed with callouts like "They are behind that tree." By learning these tips, you will learn to communicate better and have a better chance of winning in Squad.

Use the compass for directional reports

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Use the in-game compass number

Don't use vague words like "left" or "right" as your teammates are most like not facing the same direction as you are. It will confuse them and might expose the position of your team or miss a good killing opportunity. Instead, use the compass number and your teammates will have the exact position of the enemy.

Be specific

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Saying " They are behind the tree" is not very helpful

Saying "The enemy team is behind the tree" in the middle of the jungle is definitely not helpful at all. Here are what you can do to make it clearer:

- Look for any special traits to callout such as a big rock, the approximate distance, the color.

- If the enemy is moving, make sure to tell your teammate where they were heading to.

- You can use the new ping system to exactly pinpoint where they are.

- If the enemy is in a house, be specific about the floor or which window they were peaking.

Pubg Radio Message
The new ping system is also a great way to communicate

Having a common way to address different object

There are a lot of types of houses and different objects in PUBG, so you might want to discuss with your team on how to call things. Here are some examples of how pros callout buildings in PUBG.

The warehouse

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The wizard tower

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The shed

1131871162 Preview Diner
The restaurant

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The barn