The Open Beta of PUBG Lite allows players from all around the world to experience the famous battle royale title. Multiple new features and the Team Deathmatch mode have been added along with the Open Beta. Following the Open Beta, PUBG gives players 3 events that you can do with your Squad to earn special permanent outfits. They are the Fashion Show Event, Low Budget Cosplay Event, and 4 vs 4 Discord Battle.

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The PUBG Lite Open Beta brings players new features and a new Team Deathmatch mode

The Fashion Show Event is currently running until August 28. In order to participate, you and your friend need to dress up in PUBG Lite using the outfits you own. Make sure to have a good pose before you take a picture of your team and post it on your Facebook wall with tag “@PUBG LITE” and hashtag #PUBGLITE. We don't know how the rewards look like yet, but it will be revealed on August 29, after the event has ended.

More events are coming to celebrate the Open Beta

The second event is the Low Budget Cosplay Event. Inspired by the Lowcost Cosplay guy, this trend has been going on for a while. And now, it is your turn to take part in. Gathering up with your squad to make impressive PUBG cosplay out of what you have at your own house to receive an exclusive reward. This event will start from August 23 to September 5.

The third event is the 4 Vs 4 Discord Battle event. The event takes place from August 29 to September 5 on the new Team Deathmatch mode. Your squad will have to fight with other squads in the new map to prove that you are the Ultimate Squad and earn exclusive prizes.

In other news, PUBG Lite server is now under maintain, preparing for more upcoming updates, possibly exploding gas can and the FPP driving.