Recently, Ubisoft has made an announcement about releasing The Settlers on PC next year. Additionally, the developing team also revealed further details about the winning strategy for the Glory. Besides, The Settlers also gets a new gameplay trailer.

The Settlers PC version announced
In 2020, The Settlers will be available on PC

About The Settlers

It has been around twenty-five years ever since the debut of The Settlers. Now, this legendary build-up strategy series is about to return to Windows PC. The game will let you explore and conquer new islands, where you can settle your new empire in a medieval fantasy world.

Volker Wertich, the original inventor of this whole series, is leading this project. The game also has Ubisoft Düsseldorf as the developer.

The Settlers PC version announced
This version will combine the best features in the prequels with some new mechanics

This brand new version of this title promises to bring back the very best, modernized features from its prequels. The game promises to combine these elements with brand new features and gameplay systems.

This game still has the main features and mechanics similar to its prequels. However, it also combines those elements with new ones such as an entirely new food system. Furthermore, this new version also features a motivational meta-game. Therefore, the developer guarantees that it can give the players the unique gaming experience never seen before.

The Settlers PC version announced
Observe the settlers accomplishing their daily work

You can choose to play the campaign as well as optional side missions either on your own or with others.

You can also find in the game a variety of multiplayer modes to play online. From what the developer Ubisoft revealed, The Settlers will also feature some emotional storylines. You will get to watch thousands of settlers settle down on their new island and finish their daily tasks.

Here's the trailer of the game, and you can watch it below:

According to what Ubisoft has already announced, The Settlers is going to use its proprietary Snowdrop engine. With that, the developer guarantees that they will be capable of setting a brand new visual benchmark in this build-up strategy genre with this game.