Remember the game Flappy Bird back in 2014? It was the most addictive game of the year with ridiculous simple gameplay and graphic, you can play it in OverWatch now, kind of.

Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird used to be the most downloaded app

With the release of the new Overwatch's Workshop mode, a player with Reddit user name "Thriver9" has made his own version of Flappy Bird using Overwatch graphics.

It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Pharah!

Instead of playing as a rounded yellow bird, players use the character Pharah to proceed through the game. The gameplay is the same as the original game, you use spacebar to jump and dodge the green pipes and the game will get faster as you get higher scores.

Thriver9 didn't specifically say that the game was endless, but we can figure it out from their comment that players can go as fas as they can in the game.

If you want to have fun playing this version of Flappy Bird , go find it in the Overwatch Workshop, the code of the game is; 4QY7N.

Workshop Mode is just what Overwatch need

The Workshop Mode in Overwatch was introduced on 24 April, promising the potential of some new and exciting mods from players.

Workshop Mode gives players the ability to explore the endless possibility of the game while also increase their knowledge about the game mechanic and help them train some specific skills they lack.

History has proven that allowing players to use the game recourse and create new content is one of the best ways to keep the game fresh and attract new players. We have seen some of the mods in the past even became big titles like Counter-Strike, Dota, DayZ or the recent famous Dota Auto Chess.

Dota was just a mod of Warcraft 3

At the moment, the Workshop Mode is only available for PC players since it is still on Overwatch’s Public Test Region.

The developer said that they will definitely give this system to console players as well, but for the moment, there hasn't been any official announcement for the console release yet.