There is no shortage of annoying jobs. The tasks might be repetitive; your co-workers are not friendly or supportive, and your boss might be the worst you have ever seen. However, all of these above are nothing compared to what Brian Pasternack, the main character of Yuppie Psycho has to deal with on his first day at work. His range of problems is supernatural creatures and an evil witch.

Brian Pasternack has one hell of a first day

The name Yuppie Psycho might sound unfamiliar to you but this horror title will be on Steam next month, promising to make your office a lot scarier.

This is not a brand new game. It has been on the market since 2016. It even has a console version of its own, but Yuppie Psycho has not made much of an impression. The developer behind this game, Baroque Decay, had had his fair share of office terror. So after quitting his job working with a terrible boss, he started this game. It is like his own way to let all the negative feeling out.

What Baroque Decay created is a world of horror with a fantastical twist, but it is not entirely imaginary. Francisco Calvera, turned into a game developer after leaving a corporate job. He weaved in some of his own experience and even added some of his co-workers into the game.

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The developer added some of his co-workers into the game

So far, what we know is Yuppie Psycho will be on PC on the 25th of April. PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One are next but no further information has yet to be revealed.

Players are allowed to roam around all the office’s floors or put questions to others at the water cooler. They also decide how the game turns out to be. There is no denial that Sinstracorp is hiding something and it is up to you to find out all of its mystery.

Here is the game's trailer: