GTA San Andreas is still one of the best open world games to play in 2022, especially if you want to get into the GTA franchise. However, the game is fairly dated and players might want to install some mods to improve it.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition mods to try out in 2022.

1. GTA SA - CJ face retexture 4K

Rockstar's work on CJ's face in the remaster is actually rather sloppy. This mod lets you fix that problem by providing a decent boost to CJ's visual appearance. CJ's face is retextured for every hairstyle with 4k resolution assets.

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GTA SA - CJ face retexture 4K

2. GTA SA - Project Revitalized - The Definitive Edition

GTA SA Definitive Edition is a mod pack that's made from multiple smaller mods. It enhances the game's graphics greatly.

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GTA SA - Project Revitalized - The Definitive Edition

Below are the most notable additions from this mod:

  • Adds a Sharpen Filter
  • Increases Shadow Resolution and many other Lighting and FX.
  • Makes the game look better during the day with natural colors. Nights became darker with more vivid colors.
  • Over 800 new textures, including new 2k Rain, Roads, Pavements, Tarmac, Concrete, Tree, Vegetation, Mud, etc.
  • Adding enhanced reshade preset with well balance visuals

3. GTA SA - Project Texture Overhaul

Project: Texture Overhaul is a mod aiming to improve some of GTA SA world textures. This mod will not aim to change every single texture in the game but improve the ones that might get your attention while gaming. Essentially, it replaces a lot of old textures with fully new 2k and 4k ones.

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GTA SA - Project Texture Overhaul

New textures are going to be "cleaner" than the original ones, so if you prefer the original more gritty look this mod isn't for you.

4. ALL Radio Songs Restored

GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has a total of 29 missing songs. This mod simply restores All Cut Songs from GTA San Andreas and GTA III.

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ALL Radio Songs Restored

There is only one new song in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive Edition, whereas in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition there are only cuts from previous releases. The soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto III – The Definitive Edition has been largely unlicensed, which has resulted in no cuts.

5. The Uncompressed Sounds of Grand Theft Auto

This mod restores uncompressed, high-quality sound effects heard in the GTA Trilogy for the Definitive Edition. It supports all three games, including the radio stations for San Andreas.

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The Uncompressed Sounds of Grand Theft Auto

Uncompressed Sounds of GTA features the original, uncompressed stock sounds, tinkered with for the game in WAV. This allows players to get more crisps and higher-quality audio. It also restores sounds for the pause and main menus in Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City.

6. SAMorePeople - Increase Peds and Traffic

Due to the hardware, older games like San Andreas were limited in terms of how many things could be happening on the screen at once. This leads to worlds that feel empty and lifeless most of the time.

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SAMorePeople - Increase Peds and Traffic

This mod adds significantly more peds to the streets and more vehicles to the roads by editing CustomSettings.ini and popcycle.dat. Increasing vehicle traffic comes at a slight trade-off to vehicle spawn distance, which means cars will pop into existence closer to the player. It only works for San Andreas, however.

7. More variety of vehicles

More Variety of Vehicles by BroXe allows pedestrians to spawn with more types of vehicles. The streets of San Andreas will now be populated with a greater diversity of cars. It's a nice touch that adds to the realism ever so slightly.

More variety of vehicles

NPCs can now spawn in Glenshit, Phoenix, and even Euros. Lastly, this mod pairs great with SAMorePeople - Increase Peds & Traffic.

8. Insane Graphics

Reshade mods can improve GTA SA's overall atmosphere greatly. If you want to try the game at a more photorealistic quality, the aptly named Insane Graphics mod by TeaserPlay is a nice choice. It is pretty much unparalleled in terms of sheer eye candy, however, players would need a fairly powerful PC.

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Insane Graphics

9. Vehicle Spawner

This Vehicle Spawner script is for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas The Definitive Edition. It allows CJ to spawn vehicles, planes, helicopters and boats near him. The mod also supports most of San Andreas car colors, and the ability to change them.

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Vehicle Spawner

It is possible to make the vehicles invincible as well. Players can still gain achievements while using Vehicle Spawner.

10. Extended Weapons for Vehicles

Rockstar's San Andreas Definite Edition should have included this from the beginning. This mod includes more weapons for some vehicles. Now you can drop bombs, drop mines, magnet, miniguns, turrets...

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Extended Weapons for Vehicles

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