Although many people consider GTA: San Andreas to be the best game in the series, it still caused a lot of frustration. The open-world game format seems to lend itself to extremely difficult missions, possibly because the developers enjoy making them challenging or because mastering vehicle mechanics can be too difficult.

As a result, we will now explore the top 10 most difficult missions in San Andreas. If you are a long-time fan of the series, you may already be able to guess some of the missions on this list.

10. Stowaway

The start of the Stowaway mission is reminiscent of an action-packed scene from a Hollywood movie. You will have to avoid bullets and dodge barrels as you speed towards the ramp of a plane that is about to take off. It's a pretty intense experience.

10 Gta San Andreas Stoaway Mission

Once you manage to make it past this challenging beginning section, which requires good motorbike driving skills and patience, the rest of the mission is relatively easy. You just have to fight a few government agents on the plane using hand-to-hand combat and then jump out of the plane with a parachute, just like in a James Bond film.

9. Farewell, my love...

Carl's former girlfriend, Catalina, challenges him to a race in order to prove his passion, which seems like a random way to start a race.

09 Farewell My Love Race
Farewell, my love...

Regardless, the "Farewell, my love..." mission involves another race that may make you question your desire to continue playing the GTA series. The course is very long and dangerous, and even one missed jump or wrong turn could cost you the race. If this happens multiple times, it can be very frustrating and may even take a toll on your mental health.

8. A Home in the Hills

The A Home in the Hills mission starts with an action-packed scene similar to a James Bond movie, where you jump out of a plane and parachute down towards your friend Madd Dogg's mansion, which has been taken over by a large number of enemy goons.

08 Home In The Hills Gta Andreas
A Home in the Hills

After landing on the roof, you will need to take out these enemies, which is a challenging task. Although this mission is a break from the driving missions, it requires a lot of shooting, which is another difficult aspect of the game.

Once you have fought your way through the mansion, you will have to drive and chase after Big Poppa.

7. Supply Lines

No one likes a bully, which is why the Supply Lines mission is so satisfying. In this mission, you seek revenge for Zero, who was humiliated by a bully. However, as you progress through the mission, you may start to feel like you are the one being victimized.

07 Supply Lines Mission Gta
Supply Lines

This mission is unlike any other difficult flying missions you may have encountered before. It's notorious for being one of the most frustrating missions in the game and has caused many players to break their controllers. Although flying a toy plane around the city and causing chaos can be fun, it's only enjoyable if you can beat this mission on your first try. You may even find yourself repeating the words "Launch the red baron" in your mind long after the mission is over.

6. Robbing Uncle Sam

Losing a mission due to the incompetence of an AI character is one of the most frustrating things that can happen in a game. The 'Robbing Uncle Sam' mission is a perfect example of this.

06 Robbing Uncle Sam Mission
Robbing Uncle Sam

The mission involves dealing with a lot of military soldiers at the docks, which is not an easy task. After that, you have to load crates into a van in a warehouse while under fire.

The problem with this mission is that your partner, Ryder, is not very reliable. While you are busy loading crates, Ryder may get ambushed and killed by oncoming waves of soldiers. So, you have to constantly watch over him while also trying to complete the mission, which can be infuriating. Losing the mission due to Ryder's incompetence can be very frustrating since it's not your fault.

5. Learning to fly

Flying should be a fun and exciting part of the game, but unfortunately, the tutorial mission for it is anything but. Instead of exhilaration, you'll find yourself feeling frustrated and defeated. This mission involves a series of challenging maneuvers with different vehicles, which seems unnecessary since there's no action or excitement to make up for it.

05 Learning To Fly San Andreas
Learning to fly

The first part of the mission involves flying through hoops in a plane and landing safely. In theory, it sounds simple enough, but the controls are awkward and difficult to manage. More often than not, you'll crash and burn spectacularly. The worst part is that you have to repeat this mission multiple times before you can move on to the rest of the game, which can quickly sap your enthusiasm for playing. It's no wonder that this mission is a topic of much debate among players.

4. OG Loc

In OG Loc, the objective is to chase and assassinate a target, which may sound like an exciting mission. However, it is not as straightforward as it seems. The challenging part is catching up with Jeffrey, your passenger's target, during a motorbike chase on narrow streets filled with oncoming vehicles and gunfire.

04 Og Loc Mission
OG Loc

The task requires you to showcase your motorbike riding skills by skillfully maneuvering through traffic while focusing on the target and avoiding getting shot. One mistake could result in your bike catching fire and exploding.

It's not uncommon to experience unexpected crashes during the mission. Overall, OG Loc is a mission that will leave you questioning why you agreed to help your old friend commit murder.

3. Freefall

This is a mission that is so frustrating it should be banished to the underworld of video games.

03 San Andreas Freefall

The Freefall mission is an infuriating experience that will have you tearing your hair out in frustration as you try to complete it. Even with the help of the internet, it is still a tough nut to crack.

As noted earlier, the most challenging missions typically involve driving or flying. In this case, Freefall requires you to steal an extremely slow plane in order to pursue a much faster one. This only adds to the frustration, as the game's flying mechanics are notoriously difficult to master.

Essentially, Freefall is like a more challenging version of the flying tutorial mission, but with real objectives to complete. You might find it amusing, or you could just cheat your way to victory – I won't tell anyone!

2. Wrong Side of the Tracks

The mission "Wrong Side of the Tracks" is a challenging one where you team up with Big Poppa to fight against Vagos gang members. However, Big Poppa's shooting skills are not impressive, and he's basically useless. The mission becomes even more frustrating when you have to rely on him while trying to stay close to the train carriage on a motorbike.

02 Wrong Side Of Tracks
Wrong Side of the Tracks

The game developers intentionally made the mission harder, and it's not one that you'll easily complete on your first try. It's best to finish it quickly and move on to the next one.

1. End of the Line

The last mission of the game, aptly named End of the Line, could potentially test your patience, and it's a fitting conclusion to the game. The mission has multiple stages where you will have to drive SWAT tanks, enter buildings, and eliminate a large number of enemies. The mission is particularly challenging due to its extended duration, with most tutorials lasting between 15-30 minutes.

01 End Of Line Mission
End of the Line

Another reason for the difficulty is the time constraint during the part where you have to save Smoke. It's difficult to enjoy the end of the game when you keep failing repeatedly while attempting to complete the mission. However, maybe it's appropriate for a game with so many frustrating missions to end with a challenging one. After completing it, you can sit back and enjoy the credits, knowing you fought hard to complete it.

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