GTA 5 map mods are user-generated modifications that alter the in-game world of Grand Theft Auto 5, typically adding new locations or changing existing ones. These mods are created using various tools and software, such as OpenIV, FiveM, or Menyoo PC trainer, and can range from simple additions of buildings or landmarks to complete overhauls of the game's environment.

This article will showcase 10 map mods that introduce new areas that players can access and play. While some of these mods utilize existing locations, others bring in entirely novel ones.

1. Carson City

The Carson City mod is centered in Fort Carson, which is the most extensive municipality in Bone County, GTA San Andreas. Abrian19, the modder, transported the classic city from the 3D Universe to the HD Universe, which is near Sandy Shores and extends over a considerable area of the Alamo Sea.

The modification comprises intricately designed edifices, signboards, and other constructions influenced by the initial game. In the area, gamers can locate various amenities such as bars, fast-food restaurants, and hotels. Additionally, the mod incorporates some entertaining Easter Eggs waiting to be discovered.

2. North Yankton House and Stores, Garage, Airport

North Yankton is among the most well-liked areas in GTA 5 and serves as the first city in the game. Despite this, Rockstar Games restricts access to the location and only permits players to visit twice while progressing through the story. In response to this limitation, modder zamalone developed a modification that enables individuals to freely explore North Yankton.

The entire map is covered in snow, and gamers can personalize the location by adding their own constructions to make it more dynamic. The modder claims that the modification encompasses general stores, residences, factories, garages, airports, and other features.

3. Cayo Perico Hideout

Just like North Yankton, Cayo Perico is a favorite spot for GTA Online players. Nevertheless, to access it, players must participate in the Cayo Perico Heist, and while they can explore the area to some extent, Rockstar imposes some restrictions. However, flash76, a modder, has created a modification that allows players in story mode to visit the island at any time.

Apart from granting access to Cayo Perico, the modification includes a safe house near the existing airport where the protagonists can take a break. The entire island remains the same and open for exploration.

4. Stab City

Stab City is a well-known spot in Blaine County and serves as the home to The Lost MC club. Although initially, it was packed with trailers, modder DomaX altered it into a battlefield by introducing various edifices, cranes, weapons, and other components.

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Stab City

Thanks to this modification, FiveM players can indulge in a battle royale-type game mode with others. Numerous weapons and crates can be located on building rooftops or in hidden spots.

5. Dubai Mansions

Dubai is an immensely favored tourist spot in reality, and to bring its popular landmarks into GTA 5, modder zamalone constructed a map builder modification. Gamers can create copies of the Burj Khalifa, Palm Islands, and other constructions, even regular homes.

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Dubai Mansions

The entire map can be built on the sea, and to impart a genuine feel, the buildings can be situated in the adjoining desert areas. The modder has developed four versions of the modification, with the file sizes ranging from 170 to 305 KB.

6. Ebisu School Course & Driftland

The Ebisu School is a frequently visited racecourse in Japan, and for fans of racing and drifting in GTA 5, Moe M has created a modification that incorporates multiple custom drift tracks into the game. Players can also demonstrate their drifting abilities on the tracks using different drift cars.

The modified space is quite large and encompasses parking lots, small residences, racetracks, and abundant greenery. Nevertheless, to utilize the modification, gamers need to install the OpenIV and FiveM frameworks initially.

7. Forests of San Andreas

Are you finding the forests in the game unexciting? The modification "Forests of San Andreas" can revamp the forest system by introducing various new scenarios that occur randomly in the woods, as well as numerous new trees and other elements in the open fields of the game.

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Forests of San Andreas

Upon installation, the modification enhances the importance of vegetation in your visual journey through the game.

8. Open All Interiors

Although the GTA franchise has always allowed players to enter different buildings, several structures in the game are inaccessible. This modification unlocks almost every interior present in the game files, including the content previously removed.

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Open All Interiors

The mod provides players with the opportunity to hide from the police or explore the interiors of buildings owned by NPCs. The mod also includes an in-game map highlighting all available interiors, making them easily accessible without any active search. Players can enable or disable the interiors using the F7 key and start exploring.

9. GrandCyberPunk

Many players were disappointed by the Cyberpunk 2077 game due to its failure to meet expectations and multiple bugs, as well as unrealistic AI. Nevertheless, fans of the sci-fi genre can still satisfy their craving by using the GrandCyberPunk mod. This mod brings a complete transformation to several areas such as Downtown, Legion Square, Textile City, Mission Row, and Little Seoul, which are all enriched with bright neon lights and advanced buildings.

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The ambitious mod is known for its unique approach, and when combined with the Quadra V-Tech car and futuristic outfits from the original game, it can give a similar experience to that of Night City.

10. Menyoo Map Pack

The Menyoo PC trainer offers a vast collection of mods that include various activities such as beach apartments, boxing matches, and even alien abductions. The modder has put in a lot of effort to create several fantastic maps that can be enjoyed by GTA V players. Thankfully, all these mods are now available in a single compilation, which can be downloaded with just one click.

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Menyoo Map Pack

With this map-pack, players can engage in exciting activities such as house parties and celebrity deathmatches.

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