Players can never get enough money in GTA Online. As Rockstar constantly updates the game with new content, there would always be new things to spend money on, such as new vehicles or businesses.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the best businesses to buy in GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars.

1. Acid Lab

The Acid Lab is a new business added to GTA Online as part of the Los Santos Drug Wars update. Similar to MC businesses and Nightclubs, players must acquire supplies, synthesize drugs, and then sell them to make profits.

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Acid Lab

The profit margin of the Acid Lab is about the same as other businesses, however, it has other special quirks and benefits:

  • Acid Lab cannot be raided. Unlike the MC Businesses, players don’t need to keep disbanding their clubs to prevent raids.
  • Additionally, the Acid Lab is also very convenient. Players can restock it over the phone - there is no need to head over to the lab to purchase supplies. Furthermore, unlike the tedious Post-Op vans/Garbage Truck sell missions, players can easily sell their product with just one vehicle.
  • Players can sell their products to street dealers for extra cash.

2. Cocaine Lockups

The Cocaine Lockup is one of the easier businesses for passive income, as outside of restocking supplies, you won't have to do anything. The facility's staff will take care of the business. Overall, it pretty much runs itself in the background when the player is online. The initial profit before upgrades is $30,000 per hour, while the highest after full upgradation is $72,000.

Coke Lock Up is one of the best Businesses In GTA Online
Cocaine Lockup is one of the best passive income businesses.

Starting this business is fairly easy - you can just buy one of the cheapest MC clubhouses from Maze Bank Foreclosures and the cheapest cocaine lockup. You don't even need to do restocking quests, of course - just buy the supplies to get free money with a lower profit margin. Additionally, it also has a 15% chance of being a street dealer's preferred drug.

3. Agency

The Agency allows players to complete VIP Contracts, Security Contracts and Payphone Hits. The main money generator in the Agency is a special safe that automatically generates money based on the number of security contracts you completed.

Agency Safe is the easiest and most straightforward way to get money.

For each 5th security contract completed, the safe's production goes up by $500. It can produce a maximum of $20,000/in-game day and can hold $250k at a time. Players need to complete 86 missions to make the production maximum. While this might seem to be a huge number, there are short missions that only take 5 minutes to complete.

4. Vehicle Warehouse

Exporting and Importing cars are among the most efficient businesses in GTA Online. It is fairly straightforward with a decent payout... and players can also stock up on their supercars. The trick for this business is that you never sell any but the most profitable top-range cars.

Vehicle Warehouse
Vehicle Warehouse

Vehicle Cargo missions are relatively straightforward compared to Special Cargo, where the player can fill their Vehicle Warehouses with up to 40 stolen vehicles. When exporting them, the player can sell 1 to 4 vehicles at a time depending on the number of associates the player has in their CEO Organization in the session.

5. Warehouse

The Warehouse is one of the simplest solo businesses in the game. You can buy a warehouse from your CEO's office and begin the business right away. A large warehouse is required to sell more stock, but it would also require you to get another person.

Warehouse is one of the best Businesses In GTA Online
Warehouse is one of the best Businesses In GTA Online

For more money in the long run, it is best to reach the max solo sale of 9 crates ($126,000) right away. Filling up a large warehouse and sell the stock with friends will produce up to $2.2 million from 111 crates. This is the best business to clear if you have a large squad present.

6. Meth Lab

Meth Lab is the second most profitable MC Business in GTA Online. It has a lower profit margin and high initial investment cost, so you need to grind it out a little before the whole thing takes off. Steal supplies until you have the last upgrade... and afterward, you can begin to buy supplies from the computer.

 Methamphetamine Lab
Methamphetamine Lab in GTA Online

For a side business, the Meth Lab is going to be super useful as a side business in GTA Online, providing you with a good passive stream of profit.

7. Weed Farm

Another business from the Bikers update, Weed Farm is a business in which you grow weed inside a building. It is considered one of the most boring businesses in GTA Online and also the least profitable amongst all drug businesses.

Weed Business in GTA Online
The Weed farm business is actually pretty decent.

Weed generates less profit per hour than cocaine and meth businesses, with an hourly rate of only $20,000 profit per hour at the base level and $41,000 profit per hour with complete upgradation.

Although weed farms relatively provide the least profit, they have a 30% chance of becoming the preferred drug item by a Street Dealer on any given day in GTA Online.

8. Arcade

Besides being a completely passive $50,000 income, the arcade also lets you run the profitable Diamond Casino heist. You can make up to $3.6 million in cash after cleaning out the casino with diamonds.


The Arcade business also allows you to buy a master terminal for $1.4 million, which is a convenient way to manage all your businesses from one spot.

9. Bunker

The Bunker business is about producing weapons and sell them. Having the business also allows you to unlock special weapons, ammunition and exclusive features. Try to buy one in the vicinity of the city, as delivery missions will send you toward it.


A full bar of stock is worth almost one million - you would need 4 trips to deliver them all. Don't sell if a trustworthy friend isn't online, as running 4 times is pretty risky. It is best to just spend money to buy supplies from the laptop, as stealing them is not worth it.

10. Nightclub

While the Nightclub can provide decent profit, it is not a fan favorite due to the general complexity. It relies on other businesses in GTA Online and can only generate profit if players already have investments elsewhere.

Nightclub business in GTA Online
The Nightclub is among the most profitable businesses in GTA Online later in the game.

After successfully setting up a nightclub, it will start to generate income. Depending on the club's popularity, you will make from $100 to $10,000 per day. Players also generate money by selling goods in the club's warehouse.

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