Payphone Hits in GTA Online allow players to become a killer for hire, going after a wide variety of targets. These requests are sent to you via Franklin at the behest of your elite clients from the Agency and are relayed via public phones to ensure there's no trail leading back to him or the business. The total you will get is 85k for barely 3-5 minutes per mission which is pretty good.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete guide for Payphone hits in GTA Online.

Payphonehits Gtaoe
Payphone Hits in GTA Online

How to unlock Payphone hits in GTA Online

Players will receive a call about payphone hits after doing 3 Security contracts for Franklin. Just pick up the nearest ringing payphone to begin the event. After you do it once, you can call Franklin to ask for a payphone hit to trigger.

Below are the locations of Payphones on the GTA Online map. Players should try to visit the ones near the businesses they are using to save time.

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Payphone location in GTA Online

Always try to aim for the Assassination bonus because the bonus amount is 70k meanwhile the assassination itself is only 15k.

List of Payphone Hits and how to complete them

The Judge

The Judge can usually be found at the Los Santos Golf Club with a few bodyguards. To get the bonus, players must assassinate her using a remote bomb, run over by a Caddy, or hit her to death with a golf club.

Just go to the Yellow Golf marker, get the outfit and steal the golf car from your left. The assassination requirement for Remote Bomb can be completed by simply going to the Bag Icon, collecting it, and placing the bomb in the hole. The other 2 types are easy.

The Popstar

The Popstar is a mobile target who drives around Los Santos in his modified Annis Euros. To obtain the bonus prize, GTA Online players must use a Truck Cab to squash him, a Police Cruiser to intentionally cause him to crash, or a Vagos Lowrider to perform a drive-by shooting.

In all 3 types, you need to Steal a particular vehicle. You can get creative or just wait for Franklin's text about the Car location. Now simply go near the target and follow the Assassination requirement.

The Trolls

The Trolls is a multi-target assassination mission in which you must kill up to eight targets spread across the map. If the player is registered as a CEO or MC Club president and has active associates, the number of trolls will be increased. One player will see Trolls one to four only. Two players will add Trolls five and six and three or more players will see all eight Trolls.

There are three possible "groups" of trolls the mission might give you:

Thetrolls Gtaoe Group1 Map
Group 1
Thetrolls Gtaoe Group2 Map
Group 2
Thetrolls Gtaoe Group3 Map
Group 3

To get the bonus reward, you can kill them quickly, use headshots, or run them over with a car, whichever Franklin requests.

If the bonus requirement for Payphone Hits is to mow them down, be mindful of the surroundings. If you pin them against a wall or another obstruction and the target dies, it will not count. You need to run them over and keep moving. If they're not in a good spot, fire a couple of bullets near them to get them to run or go into aggressive mode.

The Tech Entrepreneur

To complete the extra requirement, players are free to use their own Taxi (e.g. the Pegasus Lifestyle Management special vehicle from Arena War, or the Vapid Taxi that can be purchased after the Taxi Work Week event) or any other stolen Taxi.

The Tech Entrepreneur


The mission can spawn at any of the three locations: El Burro Heights industrial area, Redwood Lights Track, and Paleto Construction Company site. After receiving the target location, Franklin would send a text message spelling out the Bonus criteria. All scenarios involve creating an industrial accident using a sniper rifle.

Players need to be patient and wait for the target to get into position. As soon as he is near one of the gas tank/cargo container/bulldozer, shoot it to complete the mission.

The Cofounder

To get the bonus money in this mission, players need to kill the target while he is inside the car using either fire, explosives, or a Scoped Rifle.

The car will always be the Topless Rusty Green Tornado with guitars in the back. For "Rig the car with explosive", take his car to LS Custom to add Ignite Bomb and return to its position and wait, then done. The other 2 are fairly straightforward - just use a Molotov Cocktail for fire or grab a Marksman Rifle in a stash nearby. Players can also use their own sniper rifles.

The Dealers (Co-Op Exclusive)

Players must take out four Juggalos drug dealers simultaneously with a silenced pistol, explosives, or scoped rifle for the Assassination Bonus. The weapons are stashed nearby.

The Dealers

This mission can be pretty tricky as the players have to make multiple successful shots in a row or kill more than one enemy with one shot. The explosive kill requirement is the easiest as throwing sticky bombs does not spook them.

The Hitmen (Co-Op Exclusive)

Players must eliminate up to eight targets going to the same location. To get the bonus reward, you must kill all of them using explosives, drive-by shooting, or after they arrive at a location. For the first two, players need to make sure that no car arrives at the destination, otherwise, the bonus is forfeited.

The Hitmen

The last condition is fairly easy as the players can just wait at the destination.

How to get 2-player Payphone Hit targets

To make those co-op exclusive missions pop up far more than 50% of the time, instead of the assumed statistical chance of 1 in 4, follow the steps below:

  • Whoever doesn't have a cooldown timer must become a CEO or MC President
  • Hire at least one associate
  • Travel to the nearest payphone and wait for the associates(s) to be inside your circle.
  • Once they are with you then call Franklin for the Hit

Of course, this method is not always guaranteed but it's about an 80% chance to get those co-op exclusive missions.

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