After The Last Dose update, GTA Online has introduced numerous new features and opportunities for players to become wealthy. The updated world now offers fresh missions and vehicles, providing gamers with a substantial amount of money-making possibilities. However, accumulating wealth in the game often demands careful planning, persistence, and strategy.

This article examines five approaches to gain riches in GTA Online following The Last Dose update. These methods have been tried and tested by experienced players, and they typically work, enabling anyone to quickly amass wealth in the game. Whether players prefer to work independently or with a crew, these strategies present a range of options to fit different playstyles.

1. Time Trials

Experienced players of GTA Online can use the weekly Time Trials as a rapid and effective means of earning a substantial amount of money, which could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars per week. Nevertheless, this venture demands a good vehicle and excellent driving skills, and those without these resources might struggle to make a considerable sum of money from Time Trials. It is important to note that these events are not repeatable, unlike some other ways of making money in the game.

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Time Trials

The payout for each Time Trial can vary based on its type. Regular Time Trials typically yield around $101,000, while RC Time Trials offer a similar amount of money, $101,000. However, completing an HSW Time Trial has the potential to provide a significantly higher payout of about $251,000. With such bonuses, a proficient driver can potentially earn more than $450,000 in just ten minutes of gameplay through these races.

2. Fooligan Jobs

After finishing the first mission of the First Dose storyline in GTA Online, players can now access Fooligan Jobs, which can be completed during Freemode and provide a $50,000 payout for each job. These jobs are also relatively easy to finish, making them an appealing choice for gamers seeking to earn money quickly.

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Fooligan Jobs

By successfully completing these jobs, players can increase their profits and advance their Acid Lab, making them a crucial element for those aiming to augment their wealth in the game. All in all, Fooligan Jobs offer a simple and lucrative method for players to earn money and obtain significant upgrades in GTA Online.

3. Acid Lab

The Acid Lab, a mobile business introduced in the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC update in December 2022, can provide players with a substantial source of income and has rapidly become a highly profitable business in GTA Online.

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Acid Lab

Players can conveniently start this business and begin manufacturing Acid, which they can then sell for additional income. This business's revenue-generating potential makes it a great long-term investment for those who wish to become wealthy in GTA Online. By finishing the Sell Supplies missions, gamers can earn anywhere from $237,600 to $335,200 through the Acid Lab.

By regularly running the business and selling its products, players can accumulate a considerable amount of wealth. With its high earning potential and ease of access, the Acid Lab is an excellent option for gamers looking to become rich.

4. Nightclubs

Nightclubs are highly regarded as an excellent business venture in GTA Online because they can potentially provide a lawful source of income. Gamers can choose from a variety of ten options listed in the bank's foreclosures and furnish them with stolen or discovered items. By doing so, they can establish their own Nightclub without having to invest a significant amount of cash upfront.

Nightclub business in GTA Online

As the business expands, players will observe a significant boost in their passive income, surpassing what the Arcades can provide. This allows them to recruit the necessary staff to keep the Nightclub running and enables them to be less involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.

5. Vehicle Warehouse

GTA Online's Vehicle Warehouse is a lucrative and hands-on business that requires players' active participation. The primary goal of this business is to steal and sell cars for higher prices, allowing gamers to earn quick money by completing this job.

To start sourcing vehicles, players must purchase a vehicle warehouse, which can be found on the Dynasty 8 Executive website in-game. Once they have a warehouse, they can start sourcing vehicles by accessing the computer in their office or clubhouse. The computer will randomly generate a list of available vehicles to steal and the player must then find and steal those vehicles.

Vehicle Warehouse
Vehicle Warehouse

To maximize their earnings, players should focus on acquiring and selling Top-range vehicles as they offer the highest profits, which can amount to $100,000 per export. Furthermore, they can utilize Standard and Mid-range cars to create room for more profitable Top-range vehicles, increasing their potential earnings.

By utilizing patience and strategy, players can use their profits to acquire better cars, upgrade their equipment, and undertake more significant missions, ultimately leading to becoming wealthy in GTA Online.

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