Throughout history, popular culture, and video games, swords have remained a subject of interest for humankind. It's worth examining which swords are the most recognized, potent, and iconic in gaming.

Our favorite sword-wielding characters have been a significant part of gaming since the beginning, and their swordsmanship and designs have only improved over time. Presently, developers are exploring new ways to incorporate swords in gaming that were unimaginable 20 or 30 years ago, showing the continued fascination with these weapons.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 most famous and iconic video game swords.

1. Master Sword

Link's famous weapon, the Master Sword, is considered the best sword in video games. It was first seen in A Link to the Past, and has been acquired in a similar fashion to the story of King Arthur pulling the sword from the stone. The design of the sword has remained largely unchanged, with the biggest alteration being in Skyward Sword, which provided a backstory for the weapon. The forthcoming game, Tears of the Kingdom, is expected to offer a new perspective on the Master Sword.

Master Sword History Feature Image
Master Sword

2. Frostmourne

Followers of World of Warcraft will be familiar with the legendary sword from the game's franchise, Frostmourne. This weapon was utilized by the Lich King, a being formed by the combination of the original Lich King and a human male named Arthas Menethil. As a death knight and later the Lich King, Arthas wielded this distinctive two-handed longsword, which was responsible for causing immeasurable harm to the world.

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Eventually, the sword was destroyed, and its shards were fashioned into two new blades named Frostreaper and Icebringer, collectively known as the Blades of the Fallen Prince.

3. Buster Sword

In the Final Fantasy series, many of the main characters are recognized for their distinctive swords. Among them, Cloud's Buster Sword is considered the most exceptional. Despite its oversized appearance compared to Cloud's body, the sword is a visual spectacle as it cuts through enemies. It has a striking resemblance to Guts's sword from the manga Berserk. Moreover, the sword's backstory is intriguing as it was obtained by Cloud from his friend Zeke.

Buster Sword

4. Lightsaber

Although Star Wars began as a film franchise, it has expanded its content over time. Star Wars video games have earned a position among the most exceptional titles in the industry. The lightsaber is a crucial element in any Star Wars video game. When creating a video game based on a movie, the highlight is undoubtedly the lightsaber battles. These battles have been prominently featured in games such as Star Wars: Fallen Order and Star Wars The Old Republic.

Star Wars Lightsaber Combat History

5. Energy Sword

The Energy Sword from the Halo franchise is perhaps the most recognizable sword in first-person shooter (FPS) video games. This sword, also known as the plasma sword, has two blades that can be wielded in-game with one hand. It is highly effective for dealing one-shot kill damage or for simply smashing enemies to pieces. The sword's infused energy blades provide it with significant attack power, and its blue hue is an appealing visual feature. This aspect is probably why the sword is a popular choice for cosplayers.

40 Energy Sword Halo Igns Top 100 Video Game Weapo
Energy Sword

6. Diamond Sword

While it may not be as grand or dominant as other swords in the gaming world, the diamond sword from Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the most recognized. Even individuals who are not gamers can recognize it instantly. Obtaining a diamond sword has always been a significant milestone for Minecraft players since the early days. Despite the game's evolution and expansion, this sword remains ingrained in the collective memory of gamers.

Minecraft Storymode Adventure Pass
Diamond Sword

7. The Keyblade

In the Kingdom Hearts franchise, Keyblades are a type of weapon that hold significant importance in the battle between Darkness and Light. The most famous Keyblade is the Kingdom Key, which is the weapon wielded by the protagonist Sora. When people refer to "The Keyblade," they usually mean the Kingdom Key. In addition to this, there are other Keyblades such as the Way to the Dawn, the Star Seeker, and the Keyblade of People's Hearts that also have a significant role in the intricate Kingdom Hearts plot.

The Keyblade

8. Blades of Chaos

The Blade of Chaos is an iconic weapon from the God of War franchise. It was given to the protagonist, Kratos, by Ares, the God of War, and was fused with Kratos' body, making it an extension of himself. The blades are chained to Kratos' arms and have the ability to ignite flames, which adds to their already lethal nature. The blade has been featured prominently in all God of War games and is known for its devastating power and speed in combat. The Blade of Chaos has become synonymous with the God of War franchise and is often used as a symbol to represent the series as a whole.

Blades of Chaos

9. Soul Edge

In Soulcalibur, the Soul Edge is a living antagonist that was initially an ordinary weapon. However, it transformed into a demonic object after being bathed in blood. The sword took on a soul known as 'Inferno,' which has the power to control whoever wields the weapon. While it has appeared in various forms, the most recognizable one is a sword. Those who wield it gain incredible strength, but they pay the price of having their life force continuously drained from them.

Soul Edge
Soul Edge

10. Masamune

The Goro Nyudo Masamune sword, named after a renowned Japanese swordsmith, is a well-known weapon that has appeared in various video games such as Final Fantasy and Soulcalibur.  Sephiroth's iconic Masamune is a long katana sword that is synonymous with the character and the Final Fantasy series.

In the game, Sephiroth wields the Masamune with one hand and is skilled in both close-range and long-range combat. The blade is extremely sharp and is capable of slicing through almost anything with ease. The Masamune also has a unique design with a long, curved blade and a black and silver hilt, which adds to the character's iconic look.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Sephiroth Sword Masamune

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