GTA Online has so much content accumulated over the years that it may overwhelm beginners. If you're just starting out in the GTA world, get five of the following purchases will help you set a solid foundation for the future,

Top 5 Must-Get Early Buys For GTA Online Beginners

#5 A High-End Apartment

Apartments are often overlooked by rookies in GTA Online. New players spend their fortune on buying fancy cars and glamorous outfits before thinking about a sizeable investment. However, you should always purchase a high-end apartment first!

These luxury safehouses go for multiple purposes in GTA Online. They protect you from angry cops and blood-thirsty enemies. You can also use the high-end apartment as a front for plotting heists and missions. Medium and low-end apartments are not capable of doing so.

We recommend accumulating $1.1 million to buy the Eclipse Tower Apartment - the most expensive in the game. You won't regret the buy.

#4 CEO Office

Like the apartment, a CEO office will bring players a massive return on the investment. It also grants access to new items such as top-end laptops and energy-boosting snacks.

Gta 5 Best Buys Ceo Officce
Buy a CEO office to get an edge on warehouse missions

But the main reason why you should buy a CEO office is to get an edge on warehouse missions. You can easily rack up cash by selling in-demand, luxury vehicles, which normally give $80,000 profit every 20 minutes.

#3 The Armored Kuruma

Once you have enough excess, buy yourself a Kuruma armored car. It has absolutely no match in GTA Online. This sports car has the same performance as the original Kuruma, but impenetrable.

Karin Kuruma Armored Gta Online
Kuruma Armored in GTA Online

This vehicle can jump to a top speed of 109.75 mph, making it one of the fastest armored vehicles in GTA Online. You can buy this car from South Autos in GTA Online for $698,250.

#2 The Buzzard

Next on the list is the Buzzard helicopter. It is armed with powerful weapons to obliterate whoever and whatever gets in your way. It also has a sneaky little camera. Players can use this feature to spy on the enemy then rain down a storm of homing missiles.

Buzzard Attack Chopper
Buzzard Attack Chopper for the win

The Buzzard Attack Chopper costs $1,750,000 at the Warstock Cache and Carry in GTA Online.

#1 Clubhouse/MC Business

MC Businesses are the best way to earn big bucks in GTA Online. To kickstart an MC Business, players need to invest in a clubhouse. It costs somewhere around $200,000 to $495,000.

Gta 5 Best Buys Clubhouse
Start going big in GTA Online

Once you own all five MC businesses in GTA Online with full upgrades, you will make as much as $120,000 per hour. The gross profit will amount to a whopping $652,000.