GTA 6 is highly anticipated by the game community after plenty of leaks and rumors. In the upcoming version of Grand Theft Auto, the game developers will introduce a variety of new features, including new cities. Here are the top 5 real-life cities that can be added to the upcoming game.

#1. New York City, USA

New York City in the US is one of the most highly-anticipated real-life cities to come to GTA 6. It's one of the first cities to inspire the GTA series. Liberty City in GTA 3 was inspired by New York City with train tracks, streets, architects. You will feel like being in NYC when playing in Liberty City.

Nyc In Gta 6
NYC in GTA 6

If NYC is really added to GTA 6, you may have the chance to experience Ellis Island and Times Square. Besides, there will be many famous locations to visit and do missions in the new city when it's set in the upcoming version.

#2. San Francisco, USA

GTA San Andreas was inspired by San Francisco in the US. San Andreas City has a lot of similarities to San Francisco city in real life when you play as CJ and explore this city. Lots of players want to re-experience this city in GTA 6.

San Francisco
Wait to experience San Francisco

It would be great to experience and do missions on famous locations of San Francisco, such as stunning rolling hills, spectacular bridges, and the prison island of Alcatraz.

#3. London, UK

London is one of the best destinations in the UK. A great number of players wish to experience this city in GTA 6 when they cannot travel to London in real life. Rockstar set London once in the game in 1999, in a version on the PS1 platform.

Gta London
GTA London mod is available.

As it was a long time ago, a lot of players do not have the chance to experience the GTA version of London. Therefore, they hope to see this city in the franchise one more time in GTA 6. It can be smaller than other cities but you can still visit famous destinations inspired by the real-life locations in London.

#4. Sydney, Australia

GTA 6 can take place in many real-life cities in the large country of Australia, such as Sydney. With spectacular sights and scenery as well as mild and beautiful weather, GTA fans are expecting the installment of Sydney's GTA version in the upcoming game of the GTA franchise.

Fans hope to see Sydney in GTA 6.

Some Australian stars like Hugh Jackman might be enticed to help Rockstar in producing the next game of Grand Theft Auto.

#5. Moscow, Russia

Moscow is the biggest city in this list of the best real-life cities to come to GTA 6 with around 12 million people. This large bustling metropolis has many amazing prospects and structures for Rockstars to set missions and activities in the game.

Moscow might appear in GTA 6.

Russian Mafia might become a huge force in the city when Moscow really comes to the game. It also perfectly fits the theme of this franchise. It's easy for GTA fans to imagine life in the realms of Mafia in Moscow in GTA 6. Just wait for GTA 6 and experience.

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