If you love the Grand Theft Auto series and finding some exciting games to play on your phone beside the typical Free Fire or PUBG, then try GTA Liberty City Stories for Android. It’s the remastered version of the classic game, designed for mobile gameplay. Rockstar Games, the developer of GTA, has done an amazing job of adding new features that will surely ease your experience.  You can now build your own mafia empire and keep it right in your pocket!

The Setting of  GTA Liberty City Stories for Android

GTA Liberty City Stories for Android is a definitive episode of the famous Grand Theft Auto franchise, published by Rockstar Games. It is set in Liberty City, a fictional location modeled after New York, flooded by criminal activities. The former right hand of the Leone family, Toni Cipriani makes his way home to Liberty City after a hideout for killing a bigshot. His city is under chaos as warring families fight for control, authority, and drugs, which slowly leads Liberty City to its corruption. Now, everything seems to stand on Toni’s way as he strives to restore the Leone family power.

Gta Liberty City Stories download For Android
Toni Toni Cipriani, the main character in GTA Liberty City Stories for Android

Your Missions in GTA Liberty City Stories for Android

In GTA Liberty City Stories on Android, you will play Toni Cipriani, a deranged hitman. Your primary goal’s to survive in a  dangerous city filled with crime. You’ll have to carry out missions from mafia heads such as robbery, torturing targets, assassination,... anything to get you on top of the underground world. The game also features familiar missions and activities that are the signature of the franchise. 

Gta Liberty City Stories download Android
Indulge once again in the action-packed game

New Features in GTA Liberty City Stories for Android

As the developer Rockstar Games proudly claimed, GTA Liberty City Stories on Android is designed for mobile gameplay with excitingly new features. They are firmly believed by the company to greatly improve gamers’ experience, bringing a new approach to the classic mission lines. Some of the notable changes announced by Rockstar Games are:

  • Extensive graphic enhancement, including higher resolution texture and character model; add in real-time lighting and shadows; greatly improve the game's color
  • Rebalanced touch controls for mobile devices to enable smooth maneuver of vehicles
  • Cross-based cloud saves via Rockstar Social Club (Support saving by Google Account, Facebook)
  • Aim-assisting options for beginner players
  • New mission lines allow players to choose a particular part of the mission chains instead of re-doing entirely
Gta Liberty City Stories For Android driving
The game's UI is now more player-friendly

How to Download GTA Liberty City Stories for Android

The Android Operating System enables your mobile to utilize other options that IOS doesn't support. As far as we know, there’re two possible ways you can find GTA Liberty City Stories download for Android: mainstream and off-stream. More details down below.

Mainstream Option to Download GTA Liberty City Stories for Android

The first way you should learn how to download GTA Liberty City Stories for Android is actually purchasing the game on Google Play Store for $6.99 (About 530 Rupees). This, though is a costly option, grants you easy access to a licensed version of the game. You will receive frequent update patches from Rockstar Games for free without the long wait. You can also reach the customer support from both Google as well as the game publisher should any unexpected error occurred. 

To install the game, simply open the Google Play Store on your Android devices and enter the keyword "GTA Liberty City Stories". Then click on the app provided by Rockstar Games as the picture below shows, hit the buy button, make your payment, and wait for the download to complete. You should also enable the auto-update features to receive new patches as soon as they're released.

gta liberty city stories for android store
GTA Liberty City Stories is available on Google Play Store

Off-stream to Download GTA Liberty City Stories for Android

Your second option is the APK (Android Application Package). This other way to find GTA Liberty City Stories download Android won’t’ break your bank, but it’s a little risky. You can find APK package for GTA Liberty City Stories online, and install it to your device. Doing this will definitely save you from spending any money to buy the licensed game. However, you may expose your phones to harmful viruses lurking in the package. It's also likely that some people can interfere with your devices and steal valuable personal information.

A solution to this could be searching for GTA Liberty City Stories Android download on credible sites such as apkvision. Moreover, you should also check the comments section on the websites. If there are too many negative comments about credibility or the trustworthiness, stop your download immediately, it’s not worth the risk. 

Things to Note about GTA Liberty City Stories for Android

Is there anything you should know before installing GTA Liberty City Stories for Android? Well, yes. Take a look at the list below:

  • GTA Liberty City Stories Android download via APK can only be installed on android devices. If you’re using IOS, the game is currently available on App Store for the same value 
  • If you can’t install the APK, please enable the file once the question pops up. By doing this, it means that you authorize the app to modify your phone.
  • APK users may receive update notice later than the licensed ones, so don't be jealous. Sit tight and wait for the future patches.
Gta Liberty City Stories For Android UI
Relive your memory with GTA Liberty City Stories For Android

Build Your Mafia Empire on GTA Liberty City Stories for Android

GTA Liberty City Stories was Rockstar Games’ first try in their scheme of reaching out into the mobile market. The game was completely remastered to fit phone gamers while still managed to keep the familiar trait of the GTA series. It would not be so bad to relive your childhood experience, recalling all of the fond memories. During the period of Coronavirus breakout, it can also be a great way to while away your time.