Its been a roller coaster ride for fans of Mr. Raka Marlega aka RakaZone Gaming. Rishab Karanwal aka Raka was banned from GTA V Legacy Roleplay India server for alleged combat log. As soon as the streamer broke the news during his live stream, his fans went berserk and ransacked the chat of almost every YouTuber. This is the second time Rishab has been banned from the alleged combat log.

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Rakazone Gaming

During one of the livestream, the character Mr. Raka Marlega enters into a confrontation with cops and pulls out his SMG to take revenge for his jail time. Rishab's in-game character was in its character but the cop despite being pushed in a corner flees with his cop vehicle.

After the chase, cops corner Mr. Marlega in a garage where Rishab decides to disconnect from the server. This leads to fans of Mr. Marlega go on a rampage and dislike streams of every cop playing in the Legacy Role Play server.

Legacy Roleplay India has earlier banned Rishab Karanwal and Gagandeep Singh aka Sikhwarrior for alleged violation of their RP server.

GTA V Roleplay continues to entertain the audience on YouTube and other streaming platforms. According to a recent report, the Indian audience continues to watch GTA V Roleplay on YouTube and Twitch in substantial numbers. In India, Legacy Roleplay became a top server for its almost simple and real-life mechanics which suits several renowned Indian streamers to entertain the audience. Due to which several new streamers and talents were introduced to the audience.

Rishab Karanwal is however yet to react on this incident. But he informed his audience about the entire situation and rude behavior of admins in the server.

However, its white list server has seen a drastic nuisance with fail RPs, metagaming, and power gaming. The players turned the server into a robbery simulator. YouTuber Nikhil SK aka SKplz during his live stream held a podcast of Legacy admins and few key streamers who discussed the entire situation and pointed out that several players are inside the server only for grinding to earn in-game money.

This leads to ignoring the RP part which plays an important role in entertaining the audience. Fans have however slammed the manager, Ravi Singh for ignorance and failure to counter nuisance inside the server.