It has been more than a week since the debut of Apex Legends and top players are emerging quickly. But these new stars are hot on their heels as others are honing their skills and ready to take over the game any minute.

What heats things up is the new features of Apex Legends that can even challenge the veterans of other established battle royale titles.

To help players excel in this latest hot game, TheXclusiveAce, a Youtuber who possesses a deep knowledge and considerable skills in battle royale has shared 20 tips to support players who are struggling in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends 20 Keys Tips Beginner Improve Win Gam
These tips can come in handy for both amateur and seasoned players

The video is made for newbies but some of the information can also be useful for experienced players:

Separate to find more loot: staying close to each other is good but at the last few moments, the squad should spread out to increase the chance of running into more loot.

Always pick up the basics first: When you first make it to the ground, keep your eye for things that will help you survive such as weapon, ammo, or helmet.

Somebody Gave The Robot A Sniper Rifle
Pick up weapon first to increase your chance of surviving

Get lots of ammo: You can never have too much ammo as you will use your stock up faster than you think.

Be flexible with your movements: how you move in this game is no less important than other skills so use it as your advantage.

Use your character’s ability whenever possible: Saving can be useful elsewhere but not in this situation. Nothing is more important than staying alive so use all what you Abilities’ recharge time is short so there is no reason not to use them.

Apex Legends Character Heroes Skills Guide Gibralt
There is no reason to save your hero's ability

There is use for knocked opponents: This is one of the aspects that differentiate Apex Legends from other battle royale titles. When one of your enemies is down, finishing him off does not bring much of a benefit to you or your squad. That opponent can be a good lure for the rest of his team.

Think twice when you intend to save a squad mate: The above strategy can be used on you too so analyze the situation and decide whether this is a trap.

Know the hitmarkers: the hitmarkers’ color can tell you a lot about the enemy’s armor, which may help you come up with a better strategy before you engage in a fight.

Recognize the sign shows the armor is broken: when you see a line along the hitmarkers, this indicates that the armor has been penetrated. So take advantage of this to advance.

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You can still take advantage of a dead opponent

Use headshots whenever you can: make use of the headshot multipliers are always worth going for so make use of that.

Reuse armor: even if the armor looks broken, it still has full health so to save your Shield Cells, use what your opponent left behind to your own interest.

Prioritize Shield Cells: It takes Shield Cells 3 seconds to provide you with 25 health while Syringes consumes two more to have the same effect. In addition, Syringes will not work if your armor has not been broken.

Take advantage of the Ping system: when you get used to it, the Ping system will feel like the second nature. With it, you can mark the locations of loot, threat or inform your squadmates of the directions.

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    Tell your squadmates where the loot is by using the Ping system

Gliding down is faster than running: To achieve a greater speed whenever you travel down a falling surface, sliding always proves to be a better way.

Make use of Jump Towers: The balloons that attached to the ground by zip lines provide a quicker way to get around the map so make sure that you use them to your advantage.

When you run, put your weapon into its holster: This can help you increase your speed.

How To Glide Jump Tower Balloon Apex Legends Trick
Make use of Jump Tower

Pick weapons that can support each other: Players are allowed two weapons at a time so it is advisable to choose one for the short range and the other for a longer distance.

Do not stock attachments you cannot use: When you see a red light, it means that the thing you are considering bringing along does not work with anything you have already had, so leave it because it will be of no use for you anyway.

Apex Legends Attachments Guide
Do not stock attachments that you cannot use

Mind the player-count marker: When the marker shows a question mark, it means that there are fewer than 10 players remain.

Advance your skills by using gunfight: Do not hesitate to dive in the gunfight whenever you need to hone your skills and the way you respond to different situations.