Video games often take us into a fantasy world where anything is possible, but what if you just want to play some of your favorite casino games? 

The good news is that there are a few popular games that give you the chance to play the likes of poker and roulette, as well as games you won’t have seen anywhere else.

Grand Theft Auto Online – A Glamorous Casino

The GTA franchise by Rockstar Games has led the way in casino mini-games in the last couple of years. This is thanks to their introduction of the luxurious Diamond Casino & Resort. In fact, this place had been lying empty for a few years before it was finally opened to players in 2019. 

GTA Online Diamond Casino

It’s based in the downtown area of Vinewood and this is where you convert your GTA$ in-game currency into casino chips. Just like land casinos and online gambling sites, you can choose from a big selection of slots as well as table games like poker and roulette. Virtual horse races are also offered.

To play any game you just need to approach the table or machine and read the instructions. As in real life, these are simple games of chance that anyone can get to grips with in next to no time. You can either become a member at the casino or buy a penthouse to be able to live at the resort.  

Red Dead Redemption 2 – A Variety of Mini-Games

Rockstar Games is also behind this popular game, which takes place in the Wild West and follows the battle between outlaws and the bounty hunters chasing them. The presence of some casino mini-games adds extra variety to the gameplay. 

Blackjack and poker are among the games you can play, and the developers have cleverly added these games to the overall gameplay so that it feels natural and integrated. For example, you can start playing by entering one of the saloons that are dotted across the in-game universe.

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Five finger fillet

The options aren’t limited to table games, as other mini-games you can gamble on include arm wrestling and Five Finger Fillet, where you need to try and stab the table between your fingers without stabbing yourself.

All of these games are entertaining, and they also give you a way of earning some useful rewards as you have fun. For example, you can earn cash like this or unlock new achievements and costumes by winning. 

Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs Legion: Slots and Poker

Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs: Legion by Ubisoft both give you the chance to play some casino games. The overall game is about solving puzzles and moving around the map as you work for the DedSec hacker syndicate.

Watch Dogs Poker

Their range of slot machines is interesting. Although they don’t work exactly as you’d expect them to in a real casino. In Watch Dogs, these games are playable, with a simple form of gameplay where you just need to try and get three matching symbols across a line to win money. 

In Watch Dogs: Legion, you can’t play the slots but you can hack them to earn useful ETO, which is the main currency in the game. You can also play some poker games here too, with a surprising level of details and some neat features that make it a good way to take a break from the main story.  

The Witcher III – Gwent Card Game

Witcher III is one of the best-selling video games of all time. Developed by CD Projekt Red and released in 2015 as the third in The Witcher series, it lets us control a monster-hunter across an open-world fantasy setting. One of the most interesting and difficult parts of the game is the Collect ‘Em All secondary quest. As part of it, there’s a card game for you to play, but it’s not like the card games you’ll find in any online casino or land casino.

This mini-game is known as Gwent and it’s a casino-type game that provides players with a change of pace from the main quest.  It actually proved to be so popular that a game based on Gwent has been released since then, although it’s different from the mini-game.


There’s no betting as such in Gwent, but you do have to buy the cards to play it as you build your deck. It’s a difficult game although there’s an online tutorial you can pull up and you could also look for tips on some gaming sites where they explain how best to play Gwent.

As more people play online casino games, it seems likely that casino mini-games are also added to a greater number of video games as side quests or entertaining mini-games. We can probably also expect to see the variety of the gameplay increase as developers try out new approaches like Gwent to see if they become as popular. 

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