Yesterday, during a live stream from within his own residence, former FaZe Clan member Call of Duty trickshot specialist Carl Riemer suddenly brought out a pistol. The guy jokingly pointing the gun at the screen while being partially intoxicated – however, to his surprise, the gun discharged a bullet when he pulled the trigger. Riemer’s account was suspended on Twitch immediately afterward.

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The round actually did not harm anyone – it only pierces a Gfuel container, a powdered energy drink formula marketed to gamers. Riemer did show signs of being surprised afterward, stated that he has definitely emptied his magazine prior.

SoaR Gaming, the esports organization he was in, dropped the guy right after Twitch suspended his account. Careless uses of firearms are frown upon in the US, and with the guy being an influencer, the backslash is even harsher. Based on SoaR’s tweet afterward, we can understand that they do not condone for any actions of Carl on the stream – to scandals like this, it is best that an organization just drop the player out immediately instead of assisting them any further.

The guy was making good money on his streams

Riemer has addressed the situation during two separate videos on YouTube and Twitter. It is a decent sob story, with him having the gun for two years without any incident. On YouTube, the guy also shows viewers a metal cup with a bullet hole on it – the cup was placed next to his screen during the gunshot. It is not sure how Twitch would deal with this, as there has never been a precedent before – however, if the ban was permanent, it is likely that the guy would have to go to the street. He also said that his YouTube revenues are not enough, with only 800k subscribers.

Overall, if you are streaming for a living, it is best to diversify your sources of revenue, as platforms can just shut you down at the first sight of controversy.