This popular game streamer, Tucker ‘Jericho’ Boner, shared his funny story on social media, making fans laugh out loud. The police did not only visit his house but also monitor him for three years. Check out his story here with

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A Famous Game Streamer Was Visited By Police Due To Being Noisy

Tucker ‘Jericho’ Boner is one of the most popular game streamers in the world. His YouTube career started very soon, nearly at the same time with YouTube King PewDiePie’s. He often plays FPS games, such as Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, and Battlefield on Twitch. Then, when other games started to emerge, he also expanded his game list.

Tucker Jericho Boner
Tucker ‘Jericho’ Boner is one of the most popular game streamers in the world

Since he began to stream on YouTube, he played with his three friends, including ‘Tmartn’ Martin, ‘MuzzaFuzza’ and Brennon ‘GoldGlove’ O’Neill. Jericho said they got a good beginning. However, this streamer and his friends got involved in an unexpected misfortune when they were in Santa Monica, the USA.

He Plays Call Of Duty And Many Other Games
He Plays Call Of Duty And Many Other Games

According to Jericho, some of his neighbors called the police when hearing him screaming out. But he and his friends were just playing and streaming the popular game League of Legends. However, his neighbors thought there was a murder or something like that in his house. But it was Jericho who screaming out in anger when his friend, Goldy, played badly. Moreover, the police kept monitoring this game streamer for the next three years. Jericho thought it was due to his neighbors kept calling the police once a month.

The Gamer Shore Jericho Streamer House
The Gamer Shore Is Jericho's New House For Streaming

Many years after that incident, Jericho and his friends had a private Gaming house which they call Gamer Shore. When playing games in this new gaming house, they remind of the incident. Jericho said they had made some mistakes at that time. They did everything freely because their lives at that time were more comfortable and easy than their neighbors.

Jericho Joined An Interview In Nadeshot Courage Po
Jericho Joined Nadeshot & Courage Show

Now, Jericho continues promoting his streaming work. He has attracted a great number of fans and followers who are supporting and looking forwards to watching him on the mainstream.