Pokimane is an IRL streamer who is now very famous. She is also a podcaster, a Fortnite lover and now she is even more widely known for her latest stream. In this one, she decided to give her fans a closer look to all that she has to do before streaming.

Pokimane without makeup

Little did she expect such strong reactions of people from all over the world. It has started a conversation about all aspects of women’s lives, including makeup.

While recording the stream, Pokimane even foresaw that showing her face without makeup would attract lots of backlashes, but she still had the feeling that it was the right thing to do. She admitted knowing beforehand that not having makeup on was not usual, and it could become reasons for some people to make fun of her, or say something not nice. But she thought it was good to not always just be promoting ‘I look like this naturally’ but actually do something about it. The reason is that girls just don’t. Makeup can change a lot in anyone’s appearance.

And the Internet is still what it is, like many boys, and man insulted Pokimane after seeing her stream. Luckily, this is not all. There are immediately many people showing support towards her act. Many fans and other fellow streamers disagreed on the mentioned man’s opinion, saying people’s expectations towards woman were sometimes not reasonable, and that nobody’s natural face can come up to the society’s standard of beauty.

Sloane, the community manager of Omen, and also a streamer, said that if your goal was to find a girl who looked flawless with and without makeup, then good luck with it. Only insecure people made fun of someone else’s looks. It's time to grow up.

Though Pokimane had to experience quite an unpleasant time, she is now taking advantage of the difficulties itself. If you haven’t noticed, there was a comment from a pro Halo player saying she’s “hoarding the world’s greatest skin care routine from the rest of us”. Pokimane immediately grabbed that chance and posted her daily skincare steps.

She also expressed her thanks towards many people’s support by tweeting that: “I’m at peace with myself, my body & my imperfections, and I wish the same someday for anyone who feels the need to hate on someone else for such shallow reasons”.

That was for yesterday, as today’s post is a collection of her non-makeup selfies to “conclude” the story as she wrote no one could have perfect look 24/7, and many different things could affect someone’s appearance! We’re all only human, so let’s be kind to each another.

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