At the time of release, Beyond Good and Evil was a rather unappreciated game with only a small fanbase. However, in time, the game gained traction and become one of the most profitable games Ubisoft ever created.

3403306 Bge2 Feature Thumb
The main character along with the Enforcers

And finally, in 2018, Ubisoft decided to make a sequel for the game, taking a completely new direction. After one year of development with regular updates, Ubisoft CEO has decided to make a statement about the current state of the game: “It is going to be a major impact to the video game industry”.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is going to take the spirit of the classic game and expand on them. The gameplay consists of exploring a vast universe with multicultural worlds, combined with grandiose storylines and intense dramas.

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There are many unique races and culture in the galaxy

However, there is still no information about the release date or even the release window. The game also has not been attached to any platform, which could be a hint about its next-gen or cross-gen nature.

Below is a previous gameplay video that was revealed some time ago, along with descriptions for many of the game’s best features.

You will play the game as a space pirate captain, with highly customizable assets. For basic equipment, there are combinations of various swords, guns, and jetpack – the game would be about flying around on your jet while shooting people in SPACE! Furthermore, your character can also be equipped with various body modifications called Augments, which give various special abilities range from lightning to time freeze.

Jetpack combat - dive across the air to strike your enemies

About the multiplayer part, Beyond Good and Evil 2 comes with coop functions. Other players can jump inside your world at any time. The best part that you are not bound together – each person can do their own thing without consideration to the host.

Beyond Good And Evil 2 E3 2017 Concept Art Charact
The crew of your ships, with various races and cultures

Beyond Good and Evil 2 has the mark of a great game. We would be following this title very closely and will report whenever possible – on Gurugamer.

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