Can you imagine the characters with the style of Final Fantasy fighting in the world of NieR: Automata? Well, you don't have to imagine anymore, as Ultra Age is exactly what you're looking for.

Ultra Age is a new action game with gorgeous combats that are planned to come out this year. However, as the developers Next Stage and Visual Dart needs more time to further polish the game, they've pushed back its release date. Instead, it will launch at some times in 2020 through the hands of Intragames.

Below is the trailer of the game for EGX 2019, which you can have a look to see what I'm talking about:

The story of Ultra Age

Humankind has always been famous for its endless creativity, which came up with many inventions. The latest ones in Ultra Age - the plasma fusion reactor and the A.Is - allow them to create perfect heaven on Earth with no conflict or famine.

Ultra Age Delayed To 2020 New Trailer 6
Ultra Age's world has a lot of modern technology

The A.I. has worked so effectively that even keeps mankind live normally without recognizing the unreasonable temperature rise and sea level overload happening on Earth. However, it can't hide the situation when a huge meteor strikes the Earth and destroy the plasma facility. The disaster has caused the whole ecosystem to collapse, making the Earth no longer have enough resources to supply for humans.

Ultra Age Delayed To 2020 New Trailer 4

To deal with this situation, Frontier - a team of scientists has deployed a new project namely Earth Purification. Its job is to keep the human lasting by spreading them over the shelter on Earth and in the cosmic. But as the resources on Earth has run out, the project has no other choices than sending humans off the planet.

1086 years later, human has sent its greatest warrior - Age back to Earth to check whether it's possible for mankind to settle again. However, Earth is no longer the place we used to know anymore, as it's now full of mutant creatures, specimens, and machines that have turned aggressive due to faults in programming.

Ultra Age Delayed To 2020 New Trailer 5
The machines have been out of control!

Will Age be able to survive and come back to where he should be?

Gameplay features

It's such a long story, and Ultra Age has much more than that. It's action-adventure RPG, in which you'll take control of Age and fight his way through hordes of creatures and machines to his target. And as I've mentioned earlier, Age wields a huge sword that looks really like Cloud in Final Fantasy.

In fact, he has an arsenal containing many kinds of swords, which he can freely switch to in combats. The game features very high-speed combats, in which you'll have to continously change from your swords to keep your tempo and combo over the top. You'd want to do it anyway, as every sword has its durability, which can't blow out its special skill if it runs out.

Ultra Age Delayed To 2020 New Trailer 7
Switch between swords to lengthen your combos

Scattering everywhere are hostile monsters, which will fight you to protect its territory. The Korean developer also revealed that the creatures in this game are weak against certain kinds of swords. Hence, you'll have to learn about its characteristics and choose the right ones to perform the deadliest slash to them.

Ultra Age Delayed To 2020 New Trailer 1
Each kind of monsters is weak against certain swords

Bringing some more Devil May Cry vibes, you can further continue your combo using a wire hook, pulling yourself against them. Mastering all of those mechanics, and you'll enjoy the satisfaction that you can only have in Ultra Age.

Ultra Age Delayed To 2020 New Trailer 2
You can use your hook shot to get closer to your enemies!

Last but not least, the game is also about exploring as well. The Earth has a lot of types of environments, including rain forests, deserts, or mountains. All of those locations are very detailed, giving you the experience like you're exploring real locations in real life. Whether to fight the inhabitants here, or find a D-tour to get through them - it all depends on your choices.

Release date and support platforms

Too shame, we have to wait for several months to try this game. But if you somehow end up in London until October 20, you can attend EGX 2019 to hand on the latest build of the game.

Ultra Age will come out for PS4 in Spring 2020.