Ultra Age is a one-player game set in a post-apocalypse in which there is no human left on the Earth because of an inestimable-impact cosmic force having made our planet inhabitable. Humanity is left with just a single choice and that is to protect whatever is left of humankind by scattering survivors into the world's safe places and sending people to explore the vast universe to seek for a new planet.

Check out a demo gameplay of Ultra Age below:

Ultra Age is developed by an indie game developer called Next Stage. It is dubbed a game with great graphics and an extraordinary fighting system that was first given consideration by the Korean media. The game is being developed by the Koreans so we can expect that it will incorporate Korean and multiple other languages.

It has appeared to a portion of the players through several occasions, for example, PS Arena in Korea, and even the Tokyo-Game Show 2018

As time goes by, our protagonist, Age, felled down to this apocalyptic world after seeking all over the universe for something essential for the living of mankind. While searching for it, Age will encounter perilous creatures, for example, mutated animals and life forms such as cyborgs that were originally created to help mankind. Will Age ready to defeat every one of the obstacles tossed at him?

Ultra Age
The game is expected to have a great fighting system and graphics.

The gameplay resembles that of Devil May Cry or Nier Automata and as a result, the fighting system in Ultra Age is truly stunning. It enables players to assault enemies relentlessly on both air and ground, dodging so as to maintain the combos while using a wire to stay in range. When players have totally aced the methods for all fighting skills, they can will be able to immerse in the joy of the endless fast-paced action.

Ultra Age is supposed to be globally accessible on PS4 this spring.