Skin-Tracker’s date miners have explored the back-end of the game. Surprisingly, they hit newfound game files, which is a possible spoiler for the futuristic vehicle that may function in an underwater environment.

In total, they found 2 files, which are both identified as ‘Athena…OctopusSpawner’. This may consider as a hint to the equipment that possibly called ‘Octopus’.

This kind of vehicle is so relatable and relevant while more water-based destinations would likely to appear, for example, Lazy Lagoon. The map will be continuously updated in the following weeks.

Especially, these new Octopus prediction files were discovered directly under the Pirate Cannons’ files, which is known to be added recently at the beginning of coming Season 8. This is proof that in the future, this vehicle possibly could be the next in the to-do list of Epic Games.


Fornite Season 8 is about to release with new skins and vehicles

Based on these hints, there definitely will be at least one vehicle coming in the next Fornite season. Of course, sooner than later, so everybody is expecting this is true.

Once, one pool vehicle was removed at the beginning of Season 8, along with the X-4 Stormwing. All the All Terrain Kart (ATK) and Shopping Card have been cleansed, only Quadcrasher and Drift board are the ones left.

Besides, we would probably understand that Epic, the developer of Fornite, was confirmed that they are currently working on the launch of a new single-occupancy in Season 8. They announced by EpicEricSW, a Reddit official account.

And there is a possibility that it just a trick to players to get attention, so we should not get too excited looking forward to the new vehicle additions. Anything could happen until the official confirmation that declared by


A new vehicle is said to look like this concept

However, if the future appearance of this underwater vehicle is true, it is fun to wonder how it is, especially if this one is really new water-based equipment.

There is a predicted concept of the look of this new water-based vehicle. It may get smaller as it is a single-occupancy one.