Valve Dota Underlords
Dota Underlords is now available on Android, IOS and PC

Dota Underlords was released on June 20 by PC game maker Valve as its first mobile game title. Although it’s just the early access version of the game, Dota Underlords scores more than 1.5 million downloads worldwide within seven days after its debut. According to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, Russia records the largest number of users to install the game, followed by the US and Indonesia.

All statistics for Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords Heroes 1212x682
Dota Underlords's heroes by name

As stated, the largest proportion of downloads comes from Russia with 14 percent, equivalent to 210,000 times. Following up, the second place is for the United State players. They accounted for 11 percent of the total installs, which equals to 165,000 downloads. Right below the US, there are 135,000 players based in Indonesia, corresponding to 9 percent of the whole download counts. For devices, Android gadgets are more popular than every other equipment. As Sensor Tower revealed, 66 percent of all downloads are on Google Play, the app store for Android users.

Dota Underlords’s Roadmap and Features

Valve says they’ll keep Dota Underlords at the Beta version for several few months. During this time, all features in the game will get constant updates. The game will include the following main features:

  • Underlords – Players choose one among four available underlords who fits their play style. The underlords include Annesix, Jull, Enno and Hobgen.
  • Battle Pass – Progression, Custom boards and more.
  • Seasonal Rotations – Heroes, items, and alliances are revived after every season.
  • Rank Matchmaking – Each player starts at the bottom, climbing through the ranks and trying to conquer White Spire.
  • Match Replay: Viewers are able to watch the match recorded by the players.
Dota Underlords All Items And Item Buffs
Items for characters in Dota Underlords

Other features have yet to come out. Daily challenges, Levels and rewards, and Customizable banners and other flairs are still in the shadow. Dota Underlords derived its name from one of heroes featured inValve’s PC title Dota 2. The game derives from Auto Chess. It is currently a growing multiplayer game under Valve's Dota 2 platform. In the meantime, Auto Chess developers also released their own mobile version named Auto Chess: Origin.