Vampyr is a game about a doctor that turned into a vampire, struggling to live life with his new bloodthirst. The game came out last year and seemed to be a great commercial success.

Vampyr 1M+ copies sold milestone

Yesterday, the developer of Vampyr, Dontnod Entertainment made a huge announcement, saying more than a million copies were sold after the official release. Focus Home Interactive published Vampyr originally and they’re renewing the publishing deal with Dontnod Entertainment. Of course, we don’t get to know about the terms of renewal. However, according to Dontnod in a press release, it should be the most ambitious co-production in history for both parties.

Vampyr is an action role-playing video game by Dontnod Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive.

For your information, John Bert was the COO of Focus Home. The guy expressed that it was such a delight for the publisher to co-operate with Dontnod in this particular project. For Dontnod, CEO Oskar Guilbert considered Focus Home to be the "ideal partner", thanks to their marketing expertise and digital distribution. To Guilbert, Vampyr was a huge success and they are looking forward to the upcoming new project.

Vampyr features Jonathan Reid, a doctor who turned into a vampire and had to struggle with his undead condition, between the Hippocratic Oath and the bloodthirsty nature.

At the moment, Vampyr is available on major platforms like PC, Xbox One and PS4. In fact, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can get the game for free on Xbox One. In the future, the title will head to Nintendo Switch, all we need to do is wait for the release date.

About Dontnod Entertainment

Dontnod Entertainment was based in France and founded 11 years ago, in 2008. Their very first title was Remember Me in 2013, which had Capcom in the role of the publisher. The studio then created the series Life is Strange in collaboration with Square Enix, including The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Additionally, the developer is working on a new project, Twin Mirror and aiming for Bandai Namco as the publisher. Dontnod Entertainment is independent, that’s why they can choose a suitable publishing partner.